Printable Cigarette Template

May 14, 2012
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Printable Cigarette Template

Printable Cigarette Template

Cigarette Boxes Templates Printable Images
Cigarette Boxes Templates Printable Imagesdownload

What is the slang for a cigarette?

Well, we have seen many people smoking. Even though we know that it's not healthy for so many reasons, people still do it because cigarette contains the addictive component. Some people even use some slangs to say "cigarette". Well, even though some of us who are underage is prohibited to get the access and to smoke itself, we can download cigarette template for some educational reasons, including making no smoking signs or as the picture of a presentation about the bad impacts of smoking.

Actually, there are some slangs that can be used to substitute the "cigarette" word itself. We can hear some people say "smokes", "stokes", "snouts", "darts", or "square". The "square" one is used because it is from the shape of the box of the cigarette. In North East England, some people use "tabs" as a slang of the cigarette word.


How bad is smoking a cigarette?

Well, before we present the bad impact of smoking cigarettes in front of our friends, we can firstly download a cigarette template to be put on our presentation. It's because we can't demonstrate smoking. We can't even get access to the cigarette due to our age is below the legal age.

To answer how bad smoking a cigarette, we need to know that smoking is the culprit of 90% off all lung cancer death. The number of women who die from lung cancer due to smoking is higher than death due to breast cancer.

Smoking also increases the possible risk to get chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). There are 80% of smokers are passed away due to COPD itself. We can conclude that smoking cigarette higher the chance of death from all causes both in men and women.

Cigarette Box Template
Cigarette Box Templatedownload

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Who invented the cigarette?

Before we download a cigarette template for educational use, it is alright to enrich our knowledge about history, including the history of cigarettes. Well, sometimes we are curious, who was the one that starts this smoking as a lifestyle. Actually, there is a story behind the beginning of smoking.

Cigarettes were found in the 19th century. It was started and invented by a French military man. They did that when they were in a war. This happened because their pipe was broken. So, the military soldier used their paper of the gunpowder bag to roll their dried tobacco. Then, they burned it down and smoke it away.
There is another version of the story. So, in Seville, there were some beggars who picked the thrown tobacco from the other waste of cigars and pipes. Then, they rolled it inside the paper and burn it into smoke.

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