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Oct 30, 2021
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Cookie Monster Face Cut Out
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How is the Cookie Monster controlled?

Before we draw a Cookie Monster, we download Cookie Monster face template as a guide. Cookie Monster is one of the characters in the TV show named Sesame Street. This TV show can be considered as a peculiar TV show. It's because most of the characters inside are a hand puppet doll. Most of the characters, including Cookie Monster, were performed and controlled by Frank Oz. Later, David Rudman plays a role of Cookie Monster in a hand puppet doll. A hand puppet doll actually works like gloves or mittens. They have a hole for hands to enter. In a hand puppet doll, including Cookie Monster, the performer's hands take control of the head movement. Their whole fingers inside also move the mouth of the dolls so that the doll can follow the lips movement when the dubbers start to speak. It is common to find another puppeteer is needed to operate the other arm for assisting the main doll they operate. This thing can be called as right-handing.

What are Cookie Monster's cookies made of?

When we want to download Cookie Monster Face template, sometimes we want to add the drawing of a small cookie on the Cookie Monster face template. It's because it will not be completed if Cookie Monster comes without his favourite food, a cookie. There is a fun fact behind the story of a Cookie Monster's cookies. In the Sesame Street shooting, the creators decided not to use a real cookie there. Instead, they chose rice crackers. They modified the appearance of the rice crackers so that it looks like cookies with choco chips. The creator determined did not involve the real cookies for casting with Cookie Monsters because the real cookies contain oils. The oils can damage the dolls. However, in the episode of On The Furchester Hotel, the cookies of Cookie Monster were made from actual cookies. In the making of the cookies, the crew only picked certain ingredients when baking. After baking, they paint and glued a pile of hot glue, then formed it so that it looks like the actual cookie.

Sesame Street Cookie Monster Face Templates
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Sesame Street Cookie Monster Face Templates
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Printable Cookie Monster Face Template
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What is Cookie Monster's name?

We can see that Cookie Monster has his comfort food, which is a cookie. He keeps shouting "Me want cookie!", "Me eat cookie!", or simply says "COOKIE!". He also keeps reciting the onomatopoeia when his mouth is full while eating cookies, like "nom nom nom nom." Just like the name, Cookie Monster is definitely associated with cookies. However, his real name is not actually Cookie Monster. In 2004, the song played in the one of the episodes he exposed, before many people associate him and name him Cookie Monster, he believed that his name was Sid or Sidney. This name was used before he was into his first bites of a cookie. Cookie Monster got his popular name when the first season was aired. However, when he began to appear, he didn't get this name.

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