Printable Christmas Snowman

Aug 15, 2015
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Printable Christmas Snowman

Printable Christmas Snowman

Printable Snowman Coloring Pages
Printable Snowman Coloring Pagesdownload

What is The Name of the Christmas Snowman?

There are a lot of popular snowman characters. One of the most popular is Frosty the Snowman. This character is very popular due to his ability to come to life when he's wearing his special magic hat. A song titled Frosty the Snowman makes it very popular because it's played and sung a lot during the Christmas season. There are also some films and television shows adapted from this character. However, Frosty is just a name character. It doesn't mean that it is the only name for the snowman. If you are building your snowman, you can name them however you like. 

What Does The Snowman Represent in Christmas? 

Even when it seems like a fun addition to Christmas, a snowman actually represents something more than just a fun activity. The white body made of snow represents purity and God's forgiveness. The round shape of the snowball represents God's promises that go round and round continuously. The carrot that is commonly used as the nose of the snowman represents the gift God gives us on earth with food and other natural things that support our lives. The coal used as the eyes and mouth reminds us to praise God for all the good things he gave us. 

Is Snowman Related to Christmas?

Snowman is very related to Christmas. This is mostly because Christmas happens during wintertime and that's when we can build a Snowman. The correlation between Snowman and Christmas becomes so strong people also use snowman illustration and imagery as a character associated with Christmas even in countries that have no winter and snow to build a snowman. Snowmen are also seen a lot in Christmas-related things such as Christmas cards, Christmas gift tags, Christmas banners, Christmas movies, and even Christmas decorations in public spaces. 

Snowman Clip Art Free
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Cute Christmas Snowman Coloring Pages
Cute Christmas Snowman Coloring Pagesdownload
Snowman Clip Art Coloring Pages
Snowman Clip Art Coloring Pagesdownload
Printable Snowman Template
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How do I Make My Christmas Tree Look Like a Snowman?

If you want to make your Christmas tree look like a snowman, you may need to use a white Christmas tree instead of the green one. To do this, you will need to use a plastic Christmas tree. Once you have your tree set, decorate them as if you are decorating a snowman. You will need twigs as his arms, add eyes, nose, and other decorations including hats and scarf. You may also need to attach a round foam on the top of the tree to become the head, but you can also leave the tree shape as is.  

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