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Updated on Dec 16, 2020
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Printable Christmas Word Games
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Can We Play Christmas Word Scramble for Free?

Absolutely! You can play this game for free. You probably don't realize that every time you play Christmas word scramble, you don't need to put out your money, except the exchange is a present. But, you can actually play this totally free on the internet. There are a lot of websites for playing this game, without you giving out a present. You can also play it for free when you make the game yourself. In fact, it is easy to make this game on your own because you only need some vocabulary bank and a piece of paper to scramble the words.

Who Will Give Christmas Word Scramble?

Most of the time, the people who often give this game are adults. Since this is mostly played on Christmas, then you will get this game from, either your parents, Sunday School facilitators, or teachers at school. You can also get this game from random contributors on the internet. After all, you can get this game from anyone, since this game has good impacts on your cognitive ability and language ability. This game, too, will shed laughter because you can scramble the words to the most unique form. 

Printable Christmas Word Scramble Game
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Printable Christmas Word Scramble Game
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Christmas Word Scramble and Answers
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Christmas Word Scramble Games Printable
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What Are The Benefits of Playing Christmas Word Scramble?

The first thing you will notice when you play this game is the vocabulary around Christmas that you can memorize through this game. Since the alphabets will be scrambled, you will need to think harder to get into the correct word. Then, you will also develop your intellectual abilities because you have to think of a word in a short time. Another benefit of playing Christmas word scramble is on your creativity. Even though you try so hard to get the answer, you, at least, write the thing that comes to your mind. Lastly, you will have the most incredible family bond on Christmas.

What Games Can I Play for Brain Teasers on Christmas?

There are a lot of brain teaser games you can play on Christmas. These games can be played by all ages from children to elders. There is a Christmas sudoku you can try and print from the internet. You can also play Christmas maze, in which you have to trace a track to get to the destination or clue. To improve vocabulary, you can play Christmas word scrambles, Scrabble Christmas edition, and Christmas crosswords. You might as well play the Christmas math puzzles. 

What are some classical Christmas books for kids?

While figuring out about the Christmas present for your kids, you might think of a book about the holiday. Wrap it out and wait for the kids’ cheer.

The Snowy Day was written by Ezra Jack Keats. It is such a wonderful illustrated book that presents the story of a boy that explores his city in the winter. What a great book to bring the memories of the first snowfall with their parents.

The Giving Tree is a great classical book for your kids to teach the value. This is a story about the mother tree that provides selflessly for a boy. It teaches your kids to share with others without expecting any return.

Stick Man provides a story about a family matter. At the first, the Stick Man lives happily with their families of wife and three children. But then, things turn out into disaster when the dog carries him as the toy. The story tells about the journey of finding the way back home.

How do you build children’s vocabulary?

Vocabulary knowledge is such an important skill everyone should master. This skill defines how you can communicate with others. Teaching your kids to master vocabulary is kinda tricky. This explanation might give you a bit of insight into it.

  1. Observe your kids’ interests and deliver the vocabulary materials that are connected to them. Try some convos with it and listen up to your kids.
  2. Create a playground for learning. You can balance learning and craft for mastering the skill. Join them play and make a fun comment!
  3. Read aloud! Choose an illustrated book and ask your kids to deliver the story to you. Give them questions about the story to build the convos skill.
  4. Practice a lot and repeat. After deciding the way to teach your kids the vocabulary, take some time to practice. Just go casual and make the kids engage more.


How do you teach Christmas sight words?

Make your kids engage more with Christmas through teach them sight words. Make it a playtime with some fun activities alongside.

Coloring the Christmas tree. Prepare the template first. Create the one that has the dots with sight word fillers on it. Give some coloring tools and let them explore while learning the words!

Light bulbs to construct. In this activity, you can provide the light bulb template with the letters on it. Ask the kids to color it first then arrange the sight words that you gave to them verbally.

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