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Updated: Feb 18, 2022

A beautiful form of butterfly always makes everyone impressed. That’s why people love to turn this pattern as decoration. When it comes to wall decor with butterfly patterns, you can come up with a lot of ideas.

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  1. Stained Glass Butterflies Pattern
  2. Printable Butterflies Pattern Template
  3. Printable Butterflies Patterns
  4. Butterfly Pattern Coloring Pages
  5. Printable Butterflies Patterns
  6. Stained Glass Butterfly Pattern
  7. Printable Butterfly Stencils
Stained Glass Butterflies Pattern
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How do you turn butterfly patterns into wall décor?

A beautiful form of butterfly always makes everyone impressed. That’s why people love to turn this pattern as decoration. When it comes to wall decor with butterfly patterns, you can come up with a lot of ideas. If you seek the recommendation of butterfly wall decorations, check this out and get inspired!

Make the 3D wall butterfly wall décor to make your house gorgeous. Use a wall to look like the groups of butterflies, flying around it. To DIY the 3D butterfly decoration, all you have to do is prepare the stencil and trace the design. Fold the butterfly pattern to stick so the design will look like a real butterfly. Use the 3D décor as your night lamp also stunning.

For this one, you can own a large butterfly with a light on it, so, you can lighten up your room with it. The design with glow-in-the-dark looks stunning at night too. accompany the flower pattern to make your wall gorgeous.

Creating the butterfly painting sounds interesting too. if you are not mastering painting, just use the stencil to have a perfect shape. The only skill you need is scratching the brush and combining the color well. This kind of project suits the kids too.

Choose the ones that you think its easy DIY and make your wall look stunning with a butterfly theme!

How do you explain butterflies to preschoolers?

A butterfly belongs to an insect that kids are always excited about. The beautiful wings make them want to know more about this animal. Before moving to use the butterfly as a learning template, better to explain to them facts about the butterfly. If you are curious about what to explain in your preschoolers’ class, then this recommendation is for you!

Start with the easy facts about butterflies. Explain the butterfly animal’s category, that is insect. Instead of two, butterflies actually have four beautiful wings. The butterfly only consumes the nectar from flowers. This insect also cannot listen to the voice. Butterflies are the transformation from caterpillars.

After explaining the basics, go with the butterfly life cycles to explain. The butterfly firstly looks like an egg, then continue to the larva stage which almost all insects through this phase. The larva grows to become the pupa and turns into the adulthood of butterflies.

The butterfly body features should be acknowledged too. Explain three features of the butterfly that are the head chest and abdomen. Break down the butterfly parts into being one by one to explain.

Start with the head which very crucial for butterfly life, antenna for smelling food, the proboscis is to help them suck the nectar, eyes as sight tools, wings for flying around, digestive tract, spiracles for breathing, and productive organ.

Those are the things to explain in your preschooler’s class. Use the butterfly miniature or crafting to make the explanation to be more engaging.

Printable Butterflies Pattern Template
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Printable Butterflies Patterns
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Butterfly Pattern Coloring Pages
Pin It!   Butterfly Pattern Coloring PagesdownloadDownload PDF
Printable Butterflies Patterns
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Stained Glass Butterfly Pattern
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Printable Butterfly Stencils
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What materials can I use for butterfly crafting?

Crafting is linked closely to preschool learning. Starting your crafting class with an animal introduction sounds great. Butterflies should be put on your list. While making butterfly crafting, you may go with numerous crafting materials to choose from. Consider using these materials above and have fun crafting!

The pipe cleaner will be stunning for butterfly crafting. All the kids need to do is just shape the pipe cleaner to form the butterfly. In this case, you should prepare each part butterfly template, so it will be easier to execute.

Tissue paper can be versatile for butterfly art. Go with the suncatcher sounds great too. Arrange the students to stick the colorful tissue paper on clear paper which is shaped into a butterfly. It is such an awesome craft to place on classroom windows.

The tissue paper roll can be a fabulous hanging craft. In this project, the kids need to paint the paper roll and cut the colored paper as the wings. Stick them together to form a butterfly and make it the hang decorations. Popsicle stick should be an awesome craft too. Basically, the popsicle stick will be the body part, then you can use the paper as butterfly wings.

Besides the crafting activity, adopting the butterfly pattern as a kids' painting sounds interesting too. In this case, you can use the butterfly stencil, so the kids can easily trace the form on canvas. Other materials you can choose for making butterfly crafts are plastic bottles, coffee filters, origami paper, beads, buttons, and many more.

Those are the ingredients to make the butterfly art. Choose the ones to apply in your class and make sure you list all of the needs for the students to bring up. Consider your purpose of crafting and also the long-lasting aspect.

Article written by Anneke Virna Murdoko, last updated on Feb 18, 2022 and edited by Printablee Team.

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