Printable Surgical Hat Patterns

Mar 18, 2020
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Printable Surgical Hat Patterns

Printable Surgical Hat Patterns

Printable Surgical Scrub Hat Pattern
Printable Surgical Scrub Hat Patterndownload

What do you need to make surgical hat?

As we know that the world are still struggling to fight coronavirus. Healthcare workers need masks and surgical hat as many as possible. But, supplies are running low. However, you can join to help them instead by providing homemade surgical hat. It’s easy to make. You can make it yourself during quarantine days at home. Anyway, what do we need to make surgical hat? Make sure you have all these materials before start it:

1.       1/3 yard of main fabric (12x30 inches)

2.       1/3 yard of lining

3.       1/2 inch wide elastic band

4.       Tape

5.        Scissors

6.       Sewing machine

7.       Thread

8.       Iron & ironing board

9.       Surgical hat pattern

Surgical Scrub Hat Pattern Printable
Surgical Scrub Hat Pattern Printabledownload

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Printable Surgical Cap Patternsdownload
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How to make DIY surgical hat?

Making surgical hat is easy if you are used to sewing or at least understand the basic skill of sewing. But, if this is your first time, don’t be afraid. It’s not too hard even for the beginners. Anyway, before we start to make it, make sure you already have all the materials. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of process, do you? Anyway, below here are the steps to make DIY surgical hat. Make sure you read it all before you start it!

1.       Print the pattern

Print the pattern and then tape it together with the fabric.

2.       Cut the pattern

Let’s cut the pattern that you already tape with the lining fabric. Be careful. Make it as neat as you can.

3.       Folding the fabric

Each piece of fabric should be folded in half now. Tape it together with the pattern again and cut it neatly. Make sure you end up with a total of 4 pieces of fabric.

4.       Put marking pen

This will help you to align the pattern pieces together so it won’t move around.

5.       It’s sewing time now!

Let’s sew the dart now that you already align.

6.       Align right sides together

It’s almost done, you just need to align the markers and the centers.

7.       Add ties

Sew ties to the surgical hat to make it more functional.

8.       Turn the surgical hat right side out

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