Printable Surgical Hat Patterns

Updated on Nov 02, 2022
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Printable Surgical Hat Patterns
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Printable Surgical Scrub Hat Pattern
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Scrub hats are frequently needed by doctors and nurses who operate in sterile environments such as operating rooms. Scrub hats, like a face mask, gown, surgical gloves, and other PPE, aid to avoid cross-contamination and keep the environment clean and safe. 

A medical worker working in a sterile environment must wear a scrub hat regardless of whether they have short hair, thick hair, or almost no hair at all. This is because hair contains microorganisms even when cleansed on a regular basis.  

Why Do Doctors and Nurses Wear Surgical Hats?


Surgical hats are an essential part of maintaining a sterile environment in the operating room. They are designed to cover the hair and prevent the shedding of hair and dandruff, which could potentially contaminate the surgical field. Maintaining sterility is crucial to prevent infections and complications during surgical procedures.


Surgical hats help maintain hygiene standards by preventing the accumulation of sweat, oils, or other substances in the hair that could potentially contaminate the surgical site or patient. They also minimize the risk of healthcare workers unintentionally touching their hair or face, reducing the chances of introducing bacteria or other contaminants.


Surgical hats are often color-coded or have specific patterns or logos that help identify different members of the surgical team. This helps promote clear communication and easy recognition among team members, especially in busy and high-pressure environments like the operating room.

Comfort and convenience

Surgical hats are designed of lightweight and breathable fabrics to keep healthcare personnel comfortable throughout extended surgical operations. They are designed to securely cover the hair and stay in place, allowing doctors and nurses to focus on their work without the distraction of hair falling into their faces or obstructing their vision.

It's important to note that the specific requirements for surgical attire, including the use of surgical hats, may vary between healthcare facilities and different surgical settings. Some hospitals or surgical centers may have their own specific guidelines or policies regarding the use of surgical caps.

Why Most Doctors and Nurses Scrubs is in Navy Blue?

  1. Stain Resistance: Scrubs, including navy blue ones, are designed to be resistant to stains. Healthcare professionals often work in environments where they may come into contact with bodily fluids, medications, or other substances that could potentially stain their clothing. Navy blue scrubs are typically made of fabric that is easier to clean and maintain, helping to keep them looking presentable even after multiple washes.

  2. Psychological Impact: The color navy blue is associated with calmness, trust, and reliability. It can have a positive psychological impact on patients, as it creates a sense of reassurance and confidence in the healthcare professionals providing their care. The color choice is intended to foster a healing environment and promote a sense of trust between patients and medical staff.

  3. Visibility: Navy blue scrubs can offer good contrast against the sterile white environments commonly found in hospitals, making it easier for patients and colleagues to identify healthcare professionals. This visibility can be particularly important in emergency situations or busy clinical settings where quick recognition and identification are essential.

Surgical Scrub Hat Pattern Printable
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Printable Scrub Hat Pattern
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Printable Surgical Cap Patterns
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Printable Surgical Scrub Cap Patterns
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Printable Surgical Hat Patterns Free
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Printable Surgical Hat Pattern Bouffant
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Printable Surgical Cap Pattern Butterick
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What Kinds of Scrub Hats are Available?

Who says scrub hats aren't stylish? There are even many styles to pick from. Picking a scrub cap isn't as exciting as putting on a new pair of pants, but having fun while sprucing up your work attire can't hurt. Here are a few "hospital chic" scrub-cap options you can also make your own with the help of printable surgical hat patterns:

A. Ponytail hats

These scrub caps include a slot in the back for you to thread your ponytail through. These are excellent alternatives if you have long hair and your company does not need you to cover it all together with a cap.

B. Pixie caps

Because these caps are so little, you won't be able to fit long hair inside them. The pixie cap is designed to be worn over short crops, as the name indicates.

C. Bouffant caps

In this surgical hat, you may be mistaken for a chef (or someone just out of the shower). We're confident that after reading that description, you can completely visualize this style. These hats are ideal for persons with thick hair.

D. Disposable surgical caps

If you operate in a particularly dangerous environment, you may be required to utilize disposable surgical caps in conjunction with other PPE, so don't get attached.

E. Nurse headband

If you don't require a sterile hair solution like a scrub cab for your job but want to keep your hair out of your face, a headband might be the perfect fashion item.

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