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What is the symbolic meaning of the butterfly?

The symbol of a butterfly can be defined in various meanings. Different country has different interpretation of symbolic butterfly. People in the past believed that the butterfly is a symbol of happiness, beginning a new life, joy, and rebirth. Its appearance is identified as a pure and beautiful soul.  Some people interpret it based on its color, the others one is based on its metamorphose.

Native American believe that the dark butterfly means a bad sign, while the bright one represents joy, love, and good luck. According to Greek mythology, the butterfly means soul and love.  In Chinese, butterflies are seen as having longevity, purity, and good fortune.

If a pink or red colored butterfly flies into your house, it can be a sign of a romantic relationship, well marriage, and a strong family. However, the color of the butterfly also represents jealousy over your relationship.

The yellow one represents wealth, money, and joy in life. Green butterfly means health, and blue is for peace in the house. It might sound contradictory but the black butterfly doesn’t always a bad sign. But if the black butterfly comes to you, better catch it and then release it back into nature. People with this belief see a butterfly as a dead person's soul.

In Celtic culture, the butterfly is a representation of the soul. There’s an old saying that means a butterfly is the form of a dead person who waiting to cross the reels. It also represents a change, creation, and a new start.

Meanwhile, in African culture, the butterfly is often linked to a transformation because of its metamorphosis. It could be female puberty or social change. African even symbolized it in many arts and cultures, such as songs, stories, and dance.

What is the meaning when a butterfly comes into the house?

The old culture believes that a butterfly in the home is always a good sign. According to Feng Shui, the butterfly with bright color symbolized romance, and the dark one symbolized career.

 Some people also believe that it is a sign that you are ready to make a new start in your life. Maybe, lately feel drained or emotionally exhausted and all of a sudden butterfly comes to you, it can be considered a reminder to make a new start.

When butterfly come to the house, the Japanese has their own beliefs. The Japanese think that the butterfly is represented the soul of the person, whether alive or dead. When someone passed away, he appears as a butterfly to symbolize his leaving. For someone who is still alive, might represent a butterfly too. It sends a signal, that person will visit your house.

When a butterfly visits your house in the winter, it means that there will be an upcoming change to one of your family. Whether it’s a significant or just a small change. If the butterfly landed on the wall or the furniture, the change will influence the whole family. When it landed on your family's body, the change would not be so significant.

The coming of the butterfly always represents a good sign. Think about the message it brings, do not fear starting a new life. Or maybe the loved one will visit you as soon as possible. Some people might not believe the signs it brings.

Printable Vintage Butterflies
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How many butterfly species exist?

Butterfly’s bright color and their habit to visit flowers, make them become the most popular insects to humans. There are 20,000 species of butterflies around the world, and 750 of them are in the United States.

Peru, in South America, becomes a country that has the most butterfly species. Over 3,700 butterfly species inhabit the country. It happens because of the climatic circumstance and the diverse habitat.

Butterflies are divided into various large groups that include various species too. The grouping species are skipper, hairstreaks, brush-footed, and swallowtail butterflies. The individual ones are monarch, king hairstreak, Pacific Fritillary, and Fatal metalmark. There are one species that become the rarest butterfly, it is Miami Blue, and originated from the Florida Keys. It is only fewer than a hundred left.  

What does butterflies in my stomach meaning?

Talking about butterflies, there’s the famous idiom “There’s a butterfly in the stomach”. Mostly happened to teenagers or people that romantically involved, the “butterfly” effect gives them a strange sensation. People will also get their “butterflies” when they’re excited over something.

To “have butterflies” or “butterflies in your stomach” refers to a strange, more like nervous and excited the sometimes in the stomach. People use the description to describe the feeling when they’re nervously anticipating something.

What actually happens is a natural body response to your rising adrenaline that leads to muscle contraction. It is the slowdown of the blood flow, that makes you feel like there’s a flying object in your stomach.

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