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Updated on Mar 08, 2022
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Sunbonnet Sue Crochet Potholder Pattern
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What is a sunbonnet?

Sunbonnet is a hat that fits to the shape of the face and neck. It is made from cotton. The main function is to protect our face from the sun. Originally, sunbonnet was made for women. Now, it is common to be worn by infants. The sunbonnet usually can be found in a picture of Sunbonnet Sue. The Sunbonnet Sue is usually created in a form of crochet. We can create our own Sunbonnet crochet. We can download crochet Sunbonnet Sue pattern to make our DIY Sunbonnet Sue come true.

Who is Sunbonnet Sue?

We have talked about Sunbonnet Sue before. However, we don’t know what or who it is. Sunbonnet sue is a doll or simply a drawing that is made from fabrication. It is depicted as a girl who wore a smocked skater dress and a sunbonnet. They have many alternative names, including Dutch Doll, Bonnie Bonnet, Baby Bonnet, or Sun Bonnet Baby. Sunbonnet Sue began to be famous when she became a folk image in the early 1900s. It was a book titled "The Sunbonnet Babies'' that introduced Sunbonnet Sue. The girls inside this book were also portrayed with dress and Sunbonnet, just like Sunbonnet Sue.


Sunbonnet Sue Crochet Patterns
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Sunbonnet Sue Pattern
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Overalls Sam and Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Patterns Free
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Sunbonnet Sue Crochet Pattern
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Sam and Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Patterns
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Printable Quilt Pattern Sunbonnet Sue And Sam
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How do you make a simple Baby Bonnet?

Usually, Sunbonnet Sue comes in a form of crochet. If we are a beginner when it comes to making a crochet, there are some tips and techniques that we are required to understand first. Here are the following tips:
1.    Pick a mid-weighted yarn.
2.    Use a light color of yarn. It’s because we can see the pattern and stitch clearly so we can make sure that we are doing it right.
3.    Pick the suitable hook for a certain yarn.

After we can ensure all those above are done, here are the techniques to be understood:
1.    Make a slip knot
Every crochet is started with this kind of knot. Create a loop, then make a pretzel-like loop. Then, insert the crochet hook from the right to the left over the working yarn, going through the loop. It should go over the right side of the "pretzel," under the working yarn, then over the left side of the "pretzel." Then, tighten the hook.
2.    Start a foundation crochet chain
To do the other steps of crochet, we can continue to make a chain after finishing a slip knot. Hold the hook so that the tail hangs down. Hold the tail using your thumb and ring finger. Move the ball of yarn to the left of the hook. Cover it so that the yarn we're currently working appears from behind the hook. Then over it to the left using a slip knot. Move the current yarn underneath the hook. Pull the current yarn with a slip knot. Bring the hook to the right, pull the yarn across a slip knot. Add a loop underneath the last one of the loop on the hook. Repeat the step above. Then, yarn over, bring the yarn and pass the loop on the hook. Each yarn over creates a chain.
3.    Create a single crochet
Insert hook from the front side to the back side or simply where the stitch ends. Then, yarn over. Pull the loop upwards. This will create two loops on the hook. We can repeat the yarn-over step. Lastly, pull the current yarn, passing all the loops on the hook.

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