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Jan 20, 2022
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Printable Horse Quilt Patterns
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Do I need a pattern to sew?

When we want to sew for the first time, we definitely are actually "classified" as a beginner. If we have done some research before, we may understand that there is a required thing that can't be missed in a sewing pattern. For instance, when we want to create a horse doll, we need to download sewing patterns horse first. However, as a beginner, seeing the sewing patterns can be so frustrating. So, actually, there are some things that can be made without using sewing patterns as the guideline. Here are some things that can be sewn without a guidance from sewing patterns:
1.    Pillow sheets.
2.    A-line skirt.
3.    Sorbetto top.

How long does it take to learn sewing?

Based on a certain sewer that has done this job for 50 years, it actually takes forever to learn sewing. Even though someone can be called an expert, they still have to improve their skills by learning every single day. However, when it comes to the duration of the improvement, if we choose to self-taught sewing, it takes 6 to 9 months to pursue the consistent results. If we watch various tutorials on the internet, the persistent results can be seen if we have consistently learned for 4 to 5 months. If we choose speed as a consideration, we can take a sewing course. This provides a mentor. So, the progress can be seen within 3 months only.

Stuffed Horse Sewing Pattern
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Stuffed Horse Sewing Pattern
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Horse Sewing Pattern
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Stuffed Horse Sewing Pattern
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How do you sew without a pattern?

Again, pattern can make us as a beginner get a hassle. Sometimes, we can't wait to hold thread and fabrics. So, there is a good solution for this kind of problem. Yes, sewing without a pattern. We can actually do this. All we can do is just follow the tips below:
1.    Begin with the basic
There are so many attires that have simple designs, including A-line skirt or pyjama pants. This can be a good product to be made without a premade pattern.
2.    Measure correctly
Measure precisely can create the garment fit to our body. The result is definitely better than when we just rely on estimating.
3.    Imitate the favourite outfit
Analyze our best attire to know the details of the sewing and cutting. Then, try to recreate the outfit. Even though we don't have a sewing pattern, doesn't mean we don't have a guide at all.
4.    Consider a dress form
When we decide to create a complicated and fitted attire, we are highly recommended to have a model that fits our clothes. To implement this, we can use adjustable dress form if we wan to sew for a wide range of different sizes and shapes.
5.    Remember the ease
Ease can be defined as an extra space in clothes. So, when we wear it, we can feel comfortable in it. This not only saves some more fabrications, but also the stretch of fabric.
6.    Practice makes perfect
Learning sewing consistently can make us know the progress. We will find the correct pattern when it comes to sewing work. The pattern will be helpful to increase the pace or find our own style.

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