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Updated on May 20, 2022
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Blank Sudoku Grid
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How do you play Sudoku?

Sudoku is one of the games that need logical thinking. The game deals with numbers and your carefulness. The most played Sudoku is the one with a 9x9 grid (consisting of a 3 x 3 grid).

Sudoku asks you to insert a number between 1 – 9, without repeating any number in the horizontal, vertical, or square line. Rules number 1, do not repeat any number in the same square.

Step 1, you have to fill the 9x9 grid with numbers 1 to 9 so that every box (the 3x3 grid) consists of the different numbers.

Step 2, since it’s a logical thinking game, do not guess! Its number placement has to be reasonable. Don’t put any random number on the square. Sudoku needs your patience and recognition of the patterns.

Step 3, do the scanning. Even though it needs your patience, you need to read the number quickly. Also, in the scanning step, you can count the different numbers on each row, column, and square.

Those are all the steps in playing Sudoku as a beginner. If you’re going to go advanced player, there are advanced strategies too. They are eliminating, analyzing, and Xy-wing. It might sound difficult, but actually, it only needs your logic.

How do you arrange coloring activities with grid paper?

As a student, having an activity with grid paper is such a fun thing. Usually, grid paper is used to do Math to make graphics. For younger grades, it is usually used to draw a copied picture. Grid paper can be useful for any grade and creating a different activity with it.

You can create a coloring activity with the paper grip. There is a lot of printable template on the internet that you can use. Coloring with grid paper trains your kid to focus and be more careful.

To create the activity, you will need printed grid paper. Usually, for the coloring grid paper, there is a color chart guidance to paint each box. You can find it easily on Pinterest or another website.  

There are many types of coloring grid paper based on age. For the younger age, the template usually already included the picture, so the kid will easier to do coloring. For older age, the template is only plain grid paper with color charts, so they have to be careful to read the chart and put the color on the correct box.

Printable Blank Bingo Cards Template
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Print Blank Sudoku Grid
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What are the differences between Sudoku for kids and adults?

Sudoku fits any age game. Kids, teenagers, and even adults can play the game. The difference might be in the difficulty level for each age. It has easy, medium, hard, and very hard levels.

Sudoku for kids usually consists of fewer grids, but still with the same rules. The fewer grids offer an easier way to finish it. The kids can try out the 4x4 Sudoku if they are in 4 to 8 ages. (preschool, kindergarten, and 1st – 3rd grades)

Sudoku for adults usually has more grids. Even if you are a beginner adult, you should start with the 9x9 grids. It helps your brain to concentrate. For the elderly, it can keep Alzheimer’s away.

To sum up, the difference between Sudoku for kids and adults is the number of the grid. The kids use the fewer grids, and the adult is recommended to use the 9x9 grids. Also, the kids are categorized as easy level, while the adult in medium level.

Does not close the possibility that your kid can be the medium player if their brain is on another level from the other kid. You can train them since they’re in preschool or kindergarten but don’t overstimulation.

What are games that use a 12x12 grid?

A board game usually uses a grid as its background. You must be familiar with chess and Sudoku. These days, Sudoku and chess are accessible through smartphones, even though they are traditional games.

Sudoku is a board game that consists of 9x9 squares or 12x12 squares. The 9x9 is the easy level, and the 12x12 is the hard one. The game can be done by inserting a different number in each horizontal, vertical, and square line.

Fun fact about Sudoku, it was an American invention, but the rules were adapted from Japanese origin. It is a logical game. Many people mistakenly said that Sudoku is a Mathematic game because sometimes it deals with numbers to do the game. It promotes critical thinking too.

Sudoku also helps your health improve. This game can be a stress relief. Even though it needs critical thinking, for some people it can be their stress relief.

It also lowers your emotional thinking or anxiety, because this game needs patience. So, you will slow down when doing the games.

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