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Updated on May 31, 2022
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Printable Blank Sudoku Grids
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How did the Sudoku game first begin?

You might be familiar with Sudoku, one of Japan's favorite puzzle games. However, truth to be told from the history, this puzzle game wasn’t originally invented by Japan. It appeared back then in Japan in 1984 and the name Sudoku is a short name from Japanese expressions that means “the digits are limited to one occurrence.” Before it landed in Japan, there were a number of puzzles that were pretty much the same as the modern Sudoku we know from Japan back then in 1895 in a French newspaper. The number puzzle consists of 9x9 squares that are divided into rows, columns, and diagonals. There are only numbers 1-9 and you can only use it once. Sounds like you have heard this kind of rule around?

Well, it might not be claimed right as the very first start of Sudoku fame. However, the first modern versions of this popular number puzzle were first published in Dell Magazines in 1979 as the “Number Place”. It was created by a retired architect and a freelance puzzle maker named Howard Garns. Then later as it appeared in Japan, the name Sudoku was registered as a trademark.

How did the Sudoku game become one of the most popular brain games?

Sudoku games are popular in Japan as they are pretty handy and easy to play on the go. The popularity can be seen as people were playing this game on the train as they commuted after work. Aside from that, there are no specific rules such as languages or complex rules to finish it. This is why many people choose to play this game as one of their escape routes on their long trips. Then until today, the game itself has been advanced into many forms and various ways for grid sheets to play.

Another point after the simple rules applied for this game is that Sudoku, known to be a brain game, is that it can be quick and there are no fixed rules on whether you need to finish some levels. You can play it easy or hard. Everything starts from your decision to choose the level to be as challenging for your ‘exercise’ and your needs. It is fast because you can simply finish the puzzle within minutes.

Printable Blank Sudoku Grid
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Print Blank Sudoku Grid
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Blank Sudoku Puzzle Grids
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Printable Blank Sudoku Puzzles
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Printable Sudoku 16x16 Blank Grids Template Boards
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Printable Mini Classic Sudoku Puzzle
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What are some games that benefit focus and concentration?

Getting ourselves physically with a healthy mind doesn't always seem easy. Especially when you were used to eating various kinds of junk food and sweets, sort of these trendy days on drinks and foods. However, it is not only what we consume that might affect the whole system of our body. You also need to start getting your attention about exercising your mind.

There are plenty of ways you can try, based on your preferences to accomplish that. You can read a book or newspaper frequently yet as you get older, there are more things that could benefit you for focus and concentration. Playing brain games such as crossword puzzles is a common one. Still, there are other games you can start to try as your mind exercise routine. The most popular one is trivia quizzes. As you might have noticed why there is a trivia quiz on the TV show, this is because it is not only great to stimulate your mind but also brings you lots of laughs with various topics, from history to general knowledge or the current events. You can make a trivia quiz based on your family food or habits or some specific seasonal thing as a way to welcome the new season to celebrate!


The next one is Sudoku. This number puzzle was one of many popular games that are known to help people with their logical thinking skills and mental abilities. There are various levels you can try or even create yourself on Sudoku blank grid sheets. There are 4x4 to 9x9 grid sheets you can use. If you might think that this type of game is most likely only popular for older people, well it’s actually fun for both adults or seniors and even the kids. You don’t need to be “good at math” because it can be an easy escape that is healthily addictive!

The last one is Bingo. This board game is good for interaction bondings. You also need to concentrate as you look on the bingo card sheet while listening to the numbers or items that are being called out. It is also easy because there are bingo card templates that you can customize and are generally fun to play for all ages too. The unexpected benefits are since you need to play with others, not only boosts your social skills, it also helps to make you feel lonely as you spend your day together with other people.

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