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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Professional cleaning is a service or activity carried out by a professional cleaner. The cleaning process is household cleaning and commercial (business) cleaning.

Printable Cleaning Business Forms
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  4. Cleaning Business Forms Templates
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Cleaning Bid Proposal Template
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What is a Professional Cleaning?

Professional cleaning is a service or activity carried out by a professional cleaner. The cleaning process is household cleaning and commercial (business) cleaning. There are two types of professional cleaning services. Those are individuals who perform professional cleaning and companies that provide professional cleaning services.

With professional cleaning services, you can get help cleaning areas of your home, office, shop, and so on. Professional cleaning also involves deep cleaning. It is a process of cleaning dust, dirt, and bacteria in a room or hard-to-reach area.

All items must be removed to be cleaned. Professional cleaners will clean every corner and surface of an object or room. You can use the service for a certain time.

What is Included in Professional Cleaning?

If you use a professional cleaning service, there are several things they can do for you.

  • Cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. Examples are window areas, lamps, and cupboard tops.
  • Cleaning of water faucets.
  • Ventilation and sink cleaning.
  • Ceiling cleaning.
  • Floor and wall cleaning.
  • Door cleaning. They will also spray disinfectant on all door areas.
  • Sanitary cleaning which includes trash and recycling bins.
  • Cleaning of office or house equipment.
  • Cleaning of kitchen equipment.
  • Toilet cleaning.


When Should You Use Professional Cleaning Services?

You should use professional cleaning services regularly. So, it depends on your needs. However, you can use this service once a month. Especially in office areas, the use of professional cleaning services must be carried out routinely for various business operational areas.

The cleaning depends on the type of business. Examples are retail and hotel businesses. These two types of businesses need to be deep cleaned because these businesses are related to visuals. Meanwhile, the health industry and the food industry require special professional cleaning.

If you want to save a budget for office cleaning, you can use professional cleaning every three months. The cleaning process is usually carried out after office operating hours. So, there will be no disrupted office activities. However, if a deep clean process is not carried out, the cleaning can be done once a week or once a month.

What is the Importance of Professional Cleaning for a Company?

Businesses need a clean area to make business operations run well. So, that's the importance of professional cleaning for business. There are other reasons why professional cleaning is very important for a business or company.

  • A clean office will improve customer impressions. This will have a positive impact on business. In addition, a clean office can also increase employee productivity.
  • By using professional cleaning services, the office environment will be healthier. A healthy environment can reduce the risk of spreading disease to employees.
  • In addition, professional cleaning can also make business owners save more funds. Office equipment will be more easily damaged if not cleaned. With professional cleaning, office equipment can last longer.
  • Professional cleaning services have many staff with good backgrounds. They always do background checks. Therefore, office equipment will be safe if cleaned by professional cleaners. If there is damage to the equipment or office area, you can contact a professional cleaning service to get a guarantee of compensation.

Cleaning Service Estimate Form
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Printable Cleaning Contract Forms
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Cleaning Business Forms Templates
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Printable Cleaning Checklist Forms
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Cleaning Business Estimate Form
Pin It!   Cleaning Business Estimate FormdownloadDownload PDF
House Cleaning Forms Templates Free
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Residential House Cleaning Checklist
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Printable Cleaning Proposal Forms
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Printable House Cleaning Business Forms
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Printable Worksheets For Cleaning Business
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How Do You Choose the Best Professional Cleaning?

You should not choose the wrong professional cleaning service because it will be bad for your business. Therefore, do some of the following tips to choose the best professional cleaning for your business.

  • First, you can ask the people closest to you regarding the best professional commercial cleaning services. This can help you to select a list of professional cleaning service companies. Make sure that they are experienced in cleaning business areas.
  • If the people closest to you cannot provide recommendations, you can search for these services on Google, Facebook, and Bing. A good service must have a lot of reviews on the internet. Check their website to find testimonials from clients.
  • Every business has different hygiene standards. You must understand your office cleaning needs. It aims to make it easier for you to choose a professional cleaning that suits your business needs.
  • Choose a professional cleaning service that has the best experience. You can ask the service regarding businesses that have used their services. You should choose a professional cleaning service that has worked with businesses like yours.
  • Security is the most important thing in the office cleaning process. Therefore, you should check their security measures. The best professional cleaning services must have certificates, licenses, and insurance to guarantee safety.
  • Professional cleaning services are also able to create the right cleaning plan according to your business needs. Therefore, you must choose a professional cleaning service that can make the right plans.
  • Choose a professional cleaning that suits your business budget. The trick is to compare the offers of several cleaning professionals.
  • Look for a cleaning professional who can clean the office area according to your business operational schedule. You should ask them to clean the office on weekends.
  • Ask the professional cleaning service regarding the team that will handle your office cleaning process. In this way, you can find out the standard and cleaning process.

Article written by Lestari Nur Aisah, last updated on Nov 25, 2021 and edited by Printablee Team.

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