Printable Chair Exercises

Updated on Jul 05, 2022
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Printable Chair Exercises
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Senior Chair Yoga Exercises
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Why seniors doing chair exercises?

Chair exercise is a type of workout that is suitable for seniors to do. Seniors are at an age where their organ productivity function has dropped dramatically. Not infrequently, seniors also experience diseases caused by age-ing. By using chair exercises, seniors can still train their muscles to move. This is very good for seniors to do because it keeps them healthy and not too difficult to make it happen.

Is chair exercises only for seniors?

Although doing chair exercises is intended for seniors, younger people than seniors are also allowed to do it. There are no special specifications for the age of chair exercises users. For some people, doing chair exercises has the benefit of easier to do a workout because as a tool to replace the existing gym equipment in the gym place. You can use an ordinary chair to do exercises. Easy right? Only by using existing equipment at home, you do not need to spend more to get a healthy life. Both for seniors and underage seniors, the function of chair exercises can be maximized and adjusted to their needs.

How many times do you spend on chair exercises?

The time spent doing chair exercises in each person is very relative. Factors that influence it are age, time owned, and also the purpose to do it. For people who have a productive age and free time, you can try doing it within 30 to 40 minutes. Of course, the results of the workout will be seen in a fast tempo. As for seniors and people who have special needs so they are no longer productive while doing a workout, a time of around 10 to 15 minutes is enough for sports needs to keep the body healthy.

Printable Chair Yoga Poses
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Best Chair Exercises for Seniors
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Chair Gym Exercise Chart
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Easy Chair Yoga for Seniors
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Printable Senior Chair Exercises
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Chair Yoga Poses for Seniors
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Chair Exercises at Work
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How many workout seniors need to do with chair exercises?

Because of the limited features available in chair exercises, not much workout can be done. But if it is used on seniors, it has become a necessity not to do heavy and heavy workouts. Although maximizing the many movements of chair exercises, seniors have a limited range of movements that can do. Usually, 4 moves have become enough workout for them. You only need to do these 4 moves repeatedly in a time scale of 10 to 15 minutes. If there are seniors who are unable to do it on that time scale, you can reduce it because the body condition of each senior is also different.

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