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Updated on Jul 21, 2023
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What are Brain Puzzles and Why Brains Puzzles Should Be Played Age Appropriately?

Brain puzzles are one of the puzzle games that require deep thinking to solve. So, the way to solve the puzzle must be done in a creative way without any restrictions. By solving these puzzles, you and your children will be able to significantly improve cognitive abilities.

Brain puzzles are challenging games for children. This game provides entertainment and education for children. In addition, children will be able to think creatively to get the right problem-solving related to the puzzle.

When discussing growing minds: why brain puzzles need to be age-appropriate, actually children can be introduced to this game from an early age. In fact, babies aged 20 months can be taught to play brain puzzles. However, the level of the game must be adjusted to the age of the children.

This is because children have an understanding of whatever is around them. Each puzzle can also provide benefits for children's development according to their age.

An example is children aged 4 years will be able to solve puzzles with 20-80 puzzles according to their understanding. The level of the puzzle can make children have brain development according to their age. If you force children to play with brain puzzles with high levels, children will find it difficult to play and become stressed.

Now, several puzzle games that are available provide information to parents regarding the appropriate age to play the game. However, there are also puzzle makers who do not provide this information.

Therefore, to be able to determine the right age for children to play brain puzzles, start by teaching children to pinch, use handles, hold objects, and pick up objects using the thumb and forefinger. You shouldn't force children to play it. So you just need to introduce the game to them.

Well, if they want to play it, help them when they have trouble solving the puzzle. Don’t forget to give them motivation so they don't give up easily in solving the puzzle.

What are the Benefits of Playing Brain Puzzles for Kids?

After understanding the growing minds: why brain puzzles need to be age-appropriate above, now you also need to know the various benefits of playing brain puzzles for children. By understanding its benefits, you'll be sure to teach kids about this puzzle.

  1. Fine Motor Skills Can Improve

    One of the benefits of brain puzzles is improving fine motor skills. That's because this game makes children have to take several puzzle pieces and place them in the correct place.

  2. Children Have Critical Thinking Ability

    Critical thinking is something that is very important in various fields of life. Therefore, parents must teach children about this skill. One way is to play brain puzzles.

    Children must use their minds to put the puzzle pieces in their place. It will make children have good critical thinking skills.

  3. Children's Confidence Can Increase

    Another benefit that can be obtained by playing brain puzzles is an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem. That's because the children feel satisfied because they have completed the puzzles. That indicates that they have made a good achievement.

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Printable Brain Teaser Worksheets Adults
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What are the Best Types of Brain Puzzles for Kids?

In the market, there are many types of brain puzzles. However, you should choose the best brain puzzles so children can still get good benefits by playing the game. Here are some of the most recommended types of brain puzzles.

  1. Word Puzzles

    This is a type of brain puzzle that makes it easier for children to understand language. So, to solve this puzzle, children must know vocabulary. The examples are boggles and crosswords.

  2. Math Puzzles

    If you want to make kids practice math in a fun way, use math puzzles. In this way, children will be able to like mathematics because the learning method is carried out using interactive media.

  3. Mechanical Puzzles

    This is the most widely used type of brain puzzles. Therefore, this one brain puzzle can be found in the market. Some examples of mechanical puzzles are jigsaw puzzles, Rubik's cubes, and nail puzzles.

  4. Trivia Puzzles

    Trivia puzzles are puzzle quizzes. These brain puzzles are synonymous with puzzle games featuring attractive designs and graphic elements. This is what makes trivia puzzles more desirable than other types of puzzles.

    However, trivia puzzles require unique knowledge and problem solving because there is a hidden message in them that must be solved. If you want to give a different experience playing brain puzzles for children, you can use these trivia puzzles which can be found easily on the internet.

  5. Logic Puzzles

    Another type of brain puzzles are logic puzzles. This is a brain puzzles game that has several rules to be played. So, you need to do these rules to complete this puzzle game.

    So, logic puzzles are a unique puzzle game. The reason is, children must be able to complete games that become solversto solve all the problems in these logic puzzles. Some examples of logic puzzles are picross, sudoku, and logic grid.

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