US State Shapes

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Printable US State Shapes can be a useful resource for various educational and recreational purposes.

You can utilize them for teaching geography and helping students learn and identify different US states.

These printables can also be used for arts and crafts activities, such as creating collages or tracing the outlines to make personalized maps. They can be a fun tool for coloring or decorating, making them a versatile and engaging resource for both teachers and individuals.

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  1. Map with State Names
  2. Florida State Shape
  3. United States Map with Names
  4. Georgia State Shape
Map with State Names Printable
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Printable Florida State Shape
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United States Map with Names
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Georgia State Shape
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for Homeschooling

Homeschooling parents can find printable state shapes useful for teaching their children about US geography. These shapes offer a way to easily learn and recognize states, while making geography fun and engaging.

State Shapes for Geography Lovers

Geography enthusiasts can download and print US state shapes for educational purposes or decoration. Create personal maps and displays showcasing your passion for geography.

US State Shapes: A Crafting Essential

Crafters and DIY enthusiasts can personalize their projects using printable US state shapes. From wall art to jewelry, these templates allow you to display your affection for different states creatively.

Printable US state shapes are useful for various educational and craft projects. You can find printable templates of the shapes of all 50 US states online.

These templates can be printed and used for activities like tracing, coloring, or creating personalized maps, making them a handy resource for teachers, students, or anyone interested in exploring the geography of the United States.


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  1. Zoey

    This printable resource for US State Shapes is a fantastic tool for learning and exploring the geography of the United States. It provides a fun and engaging way to visually recognize and familiarize ourselves with each state's unique shape. Highly recommended!

  2. Sebastian

    I love using the Printable US State Shapes resource! It's a great visual tool for learning about the different states in an engaging way. Highly recommend!

  3. Jack

    Great resource for learning US state shapes! Easy to print and use. Thank you!

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