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Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Using printable Apple shapes can significantly assist in educational activities or craft projects. If you're a teacher, these templates can make your lesson on fruits, healthy eating, or seasons more interactive by allowing kids to color, cut, and paste. For parents, this simple tool can be a fun way to engage your child in art projects or to decorate for autumn celebrations.

It's an easy, accessible way to spark creativity and learning about nature.

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  1. Shape Templates
  2. Apple Line Drawing Clip Art
  3. Apple Writing Paper
  4. Shaped Writing Paper with Lines
  5. Apple Sticker Labels
  6. Red Apple Shape
  7. Apple Tree Shape Sorting
  8. Colorful Apple Bulletin Board Cutouts
  9. Apple Shaped Card Template
  10. Apple Stencil Template
Printable Shape Templates
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Apple Line Drawing Clip Art
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Apple Writing Paper Printables
Pin It!   Apple Writing Paper PrintablesdownloadDownload PDF
Shaped Writing Paper with Lines
Pin It!   Shaped Writing Paper with LinesdownloadDownload PDF
Printable Apple Sticker Labels
Pin It!   Printable Apple Sticker LabelsdownloadDownload PDF
Printable Red Apple Shape
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Apple Tree Shape Sorting Printable
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Printable Colorful Apple Bulletin Board Cutouts
Pin It!   Printable Colorful Apple Bulletin Board CutoutsdownloadDownload PDF
Apple Shaped Card Template Printable
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Apple Stencil Printable Template
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Apple Sticker Labels

You can create personalized items or organize your space effectively with printable apple sticker labels. They offer a charming way to label homemade products, children's belongings or classroom materials, enhancing the appearance while keeping things systematically arranged.

Apple Line Drawing Clip Art

Your projects can stand out by incorporating apple line drawing clip art, perfect for educational materials, invitations, or decor. This simple yet versatile art adds a touch of elegance and thematic consistency to your creations without overwhelming other elements.

Shaped Writing Paper with Lines

Shaped writing paper with lines encourages creativity and can improve handwriting skills. Ideal for young learners or themed projects, it makes writing more engaging and helps in organizing text in a visually appealing manner, catering to both learning and artistic needs.


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  1. Ophelia

    The printable apple shape allows for easy and creative crafting or decoration projects, adding a touch of nature's beauty and simplicity to your designs.

  2. Nico

    The printable apple shape is perfect for educational activities and crafts, allowing for fun and engaging lessons or decorations.

  3. Hannah

    This printable apple shape resource is a simple and useful tool for crafts, decoration, or even educational activities. It adds a touch of creativity and can be easily incorporated into various projects. Highly recommend!

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