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Sep 22, 2011
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Bubble Web Graphic Organizer
Bubble Web Graphic Organizerdownload

What is a Web Graphic Organizer?

Spider web graphic organizer also known as spider map or semantic map is a graphic organizer commonly used to help the brainstorming process. Usually, a semantic map will focus on a theme in the center and draw several circles or boxes around it to elaborate the further ideas. Because the ideas are written and drawn around the main theme, it creates a web looking design that is similar to a spider web and that's where we get the name. A spider map is useful for students and professionals. Students can use this map to help them learn while professionals use it to brainstorm a new idea or use it on presentations. Even writers can use this map to help them generate ideas and storyline.

A graphic organizer can be very simple with only one main focus and several branches, but when it is used for professional use, the map can be very complicated with each branch having its own small branches and so on. But no matter how complicated it looks, it's still easy to read and understand. At least for the people who make it. Because that's the point of using a spider map. To get your ideas and thinking process organized. 

Word Web Graphic Organizer
Word Web Graphic Organizerdownload
Printable Web Graphic Organizer
Printable Web Graphic Organizerdownload
Map Story Elements Graphic Organizer
Map Story Elements Graphic Organizerdownload
Writing Web Graphic Organizer
Writing Web Graphic Organizerdownload

What are the Types of a Graphic Organizer?

There are at least five types of graphic organizers. The first one is an outline. You often see this in papers or journals with a format of heading, subheading, details, and so on. It is written, not drawn. Some people use the help of bullets to differentiate each section. The second one is a Venn diagram. This is helpful if you want to make a comparison or try to figure out similar factors out of different things. The third one is called hierarchical topical organizer. This is usually used by companies to write down the organizational structure. It is often used in business materials too. You may often see this kind of graphic organizer in a business presentation. The fourth one is the T-chart. A T-chart consists of two columns.

Usually, a T-chart is used to compare two ideas, objects, or concepts. The last one is the bubble organizer. This one is probably used the most because it is the most dynamic with almost no limitation. Using a bubble organizer, you will be able to create branches as much as you want. A bubble organizer will help you go through your thinking process. You can draw the bubbles while thinking and figure out the final thoughts later by studying the bubbles.  

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