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Feb 27, 2012
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Is my froggy stuff a kind of theme for a board game?

My froggy stuff is known for its interesting content about dolls as well as DIY crafts made in miniature versions. Each piece of it has a different fan segment. But what makes it the same is people who need entertainment and guidance to be more creative than before seeing the content. One of the contents of my froggy stuff is a board game in miniature form. Apart from the official content of it, there are also those who make board games with reference to the design that my froggy stuff has.

What if my boy loves the content of my froggy stuff?

Because it is dominant with content that girls like, many people think that my froggy stuff is content that is consumed specifically for girls. Even if you pay more attention to the existing content, boys will also be interested in doing it. Because there are chunks of content that suits men. For example, decorating a room and also objects other than dolls that become elements of a miniature world that have been made into the content.

How can my froggy stuff be played by boys and girls?

In order to be played by boys and girls, it takes an adult or someone who can share each portion of the activity mimicking the content of my froggy stuff. Suppose that the content of the living room and also the dolls involved in it. So girls can make dolls like Barbie or make them into their own version of dolls. As for boys, they can do cutouts to make various furniture needed in an ideal living room in miniature form. Fair enough, right?

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My Froggy Stuff Printables School
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Does my froggy stuff make official merchandise?

Even though it is known as one of the accounts in digital media that has creative content, there is no official merchandise made by the creator. This is because, in the beginning, the purpose of making my froggy stuff was to share with many people the things the creators liked. If you want to have merchandise that is identical to it, you can make it with your version but not become something official made by them like every piece of content they create. You can use designs that relate to the content of it.

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