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Feb 15, 2023
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St. Patricks Day Printables
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The Hype of St. Patrick Day

St. Patrick Day is a part of Irish celebration which take place on March 17th. It associated with the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. Speaking about the hype of the commemoration, people would go for parade as a sign of marking St. Patrick's holiday.

On the other hand, they would wear any of greens from the toes to the head. Couple traditions also exist during the day. People would connect to the Irish tradition such as listen to music and even dance together with custom music.

The commemoration also filled with the Irish foods and drinks, especially the traditional ones. Some menus to enjoy which still sat on are corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, and Guinness stout.

Due to a long back stories and rich of the history as well, the tradition of this commemoration has been celebrated to this day. The oldest celebration such as wearing the shamrock also exist. It has been connected to the Holy Trinity as its symbol for Irish people. The tree leaves clover represent its religious sides.

These traditions, along with many others, continue to be celebrated on St. Patrick's Day and help to keep the spirit and heritage of Ireland alive. Whether you are Irish or not, this day is a time to come together, celebrate, and have a little fun!

What kind of costume people would likely to wear on St. Patrick’s day parade?

Parade become one of the festivities on St. Patrick's Day. Live it up with wearing some costumes that associated well with the celebration, such as:


It has the classic touch but still timeless to wear in the present. The combination of green suit, hat, and shoes accompanied with gold coins, a red beard, and a mischievous grin would support your looks which embody the spirit of Irish folktale.


Simply combine a green costume along with a large shamrock cutout on your body. Elevate your look with adding the green shamrock hat. Add the 3D accent would make it stunning even more.

Irish Flag

It would be such a good costume for represent Ireland country by wearing the flag with pride. Simply put the mixture of the flag colors which consist of green, white, and orange. Show off your patriotism side and using the real flag to carry.

Pots of Gold

Participate to the parade with this kind of costume would definitely become unforgettable experience. It’s kinda have a sense of fun yet whimsical at the same time. Take a gold dress combine with a large cardboard of a pot of gold to carry. Make it festive with filled the pot with green balloons and any golden accents.

Whether Leprechaun, Shamrock, Irish flag, or Pots of Gold, all you have to do when entering the parade venue is having fun while also honouring the celebration. Let people put their smile seeing you in that costume!

Patricks Day
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Saint Patricks Day Worksheets
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St. Patricks Day Activities
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St. Patricks Day Printables
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How the St. Patrick’s Day evolved

In the early celebration, this day become a religious holiday in Ireland which was taking place in 17th and 18th centuries. The Irish immigrant then brought the tradition to America which turned the first parade was took place in New York City in 1762. Since then, the holiday become the celebration across the Irish heritage along with the culture in the US.

In the early 20th century, this celebration started to gain the popularity and even became more commercialized. This was the phase where the holiday associated with green beer, corned beef, and more.

Nowadays, this holiday is globally expansion which almost celebrated in all over the world. Large festivities with parades take over the cities from Dublin. The St. Patrick holiday now become the celebration of Irish heritage and culture which also the chance of everyone to having fun.

Fun kids activities during St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrock Craft

Basically, kids would pull off their creativity in making anything that shaped in shamrock. You can go with the hat accessories or even chest pins. Add goldie glitters to stand it out.

Green Snacks Making

Green snacks would be perfect for a green day. Elevate the cupcakes, jelly, cookies, and any sweets into green. You can copy the shape of Shamrock as cookies mould. Let your kids get creative with adding some toppings.

Pot of Gold Hunt

As the name, the game needs to use the golden theme. Use chocolate golden coins and hide it all around your yard. Requires your kids to find them all. The one that get the most coins would be a winner.

Irish Story Time

Due to honor the Irish traditions, reading the folklore stories that connected to celebration would be hilarious for kids. Support the story telling with puppets. Definitely catch your kids attention.

These activities are worth to try for kids to learn about the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. It also a part of encouraging them with their creativity and imagination. Grab your things and get creative!

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