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Dec 05, 2012
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What is a snack cart?

When we commonly get a street snack when we are on an evening stroll, we may find the booth of the food can be removed easily. There are two to four wheels that become the main device to make the booth moves. Not only stand still and wait until the customers come, they even sell and reach the potential customers to offer their product. Well, the device that the sellers of the street snack use is a snack cart. It is like a common cart, but the function is to make their products move easily.

Who invented the cart?

Before we want to create a snack cart for our dolls and watch the tutorial of My Froggy Stuff snack cart on YouTube, there are so many stories about the origin of the cart. Commonly, it is often to find the cart at the Supermarket. We can call it a shopping cart or simply a trolley. The cart, especially the shopping cart, was invented by Sylvan Nathan Goldman. He was an American businessman who created the first design of a shopping cart. He created a couple of large wire baskets and connected it with metal arms with four small wheels. The shopping cart that was invented by him was introduced on June 4, 1973, located in the Humpty Dumpty supermarket. He patented it in 1940. Sadly, the first appearance of the shopping cart was not welcomed like what Goldman expected. Some men back then saw the shopping cart as an effeminate thing.

What was the first cart called?

The first cart was called a Bullock Cart or Ox Cart. We can also find the fact that another term of this kind of cart is called Bullock Carriage. Right before we used a shopping cart, actually, the cart also existed, but it uses the power of animals to make the cart move. In this case, since the name contains bullock and ox, the animals that are used are bullock or ox. In the original use of a cart, the appearance of the cart was used for transportation. The experts found that using wheels for the cart was discovered in the 4th millennium B.C.

LPs My Froggy Stuff Printables
LPs My Froggy Stuff Printablesdownload

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Who says buggy instead of a cart?

Before we watch My Froggy stuff snack cart, we may find that there are various terms of the cart. In this case, the cart stands for the things that we commonly use to bring the groceries in the supermarket. Actually, in Asia, we may find many people call it "Trolley". Then, in the country with English as the national language, we can find the people call it "Shopping Cart", including in the Northern or Western United States. However, there is a peculiar fact that the Southern Americans call the shopping cart as "buggy". However, the Floridians, that also become a part of Southern America, don't call it buggy too.

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