Minnie Mouse Printable Template

Updated on May 20, 2021
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Minnie Mouse Printable Template
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Minnie Mouse Bow Template Printable
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How do you make a Minnie Mouse easy?

Minnie Mouse is one of Disney’s characters that is also Mickey Mouse's partner. Her iconic appearance with her big round ears and bow topped with her cute outfit makes children love her easily. There is no denying that most people will recognize the shape of her head anytime they see one. Thus, there are so many Minnie Mouse template available on the internet that people can use as birthday invitations, birthday cards, and more.

Now, if you want to go extra miles and make your own Minnie Mouse template or you just want to know how to draw her iconic head, here is an easy tutorial for you!

1.    Draw a circle slightly on the bottom of the page to be Minnie Mouse’s head
2.    Add a crossed line over the circle
3.    Draw two small circles on each side of the head to be Minnie Mouse’s ears
4.    With an oblong, draw the nose right below the horizontal line and add a curved line on top of it
5.    On top of the curved line, draw the eyes by sketching two small oblongs. Add small circles to be the pupils and draw three curved lines on top of each eye to be her eyelashes.
6.    For the mouth, draw a long curved line and add another curve on each edge to make a smiling effect. Make an M shape to draw the tongue
7.    Draw Minnie Mouse’s face shape with slightly protruding cheeks
8.    Add a ribbon on top of her head between the ears
9.    Finalize the outlines
10.    Finish it with coloring your drawing

How do you make a Minnie Mouse dress at home?

Minnie Mouse has an iconic look with her big ears, bow, and feminine outfit. It is no wonder many people choose to dress up as her for special occasions like Halloween. If you are planning to go to the next Halloween dressed up as her, you can totally make the classic costume yourself with simple supplies and materials.

Here is the tutorial:
1.    Making the Minnie Mouse Ears
●    Prepare a sheet of black adhesive foam then remove the adhesive paper sheet. Fold the foam in half to make the ears thicker.
●    Draw two circles on the black foam in the size of an orange.
●    Cut out the circles.
●    Attach the black circles to a headband using hot glue.

2.    Making the Minnie Mouse Bow
●    Prepare a red polka dot patterned ribbon. Cut the first piece to 23 cm long and 4 cm wide.
●    Cut the second piece to 6 cm long and 1 cm wide
●    With the first piece of ribbon, create a circle by folding the ends over each other and glue it.
●    To finish the bow, pinch the first piece of ribbon in the middle and secure it with glue.
●    Attach the bow to the headband, use the smaller ribbon to wrap the bow and the headband. Secure it with hot glue to keep the bow in place.

3.    Getting the Outfit
●    Buy a red tutu skirt as the base of the dress
●    Draw around 12 small circles on a white foam sheet and cut it
●    Glue the small circles around the skirt
●    Pick a pair of white gloves and draw 3 black lines
●    Buy black leggings and yellow shoes to top the look
●    Apply decorative makeup as you preferred

Minnie Mouse Bow Template Printable
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Minnie Mouse Bow Template Printable
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Free Printable Minnie Mouse Template
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Minnie Mouse Bow Template Printable
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How do you make Minnie Mouse hair?

Minnie Mouse does not actually have hair. However, you can make hair buns to imitate her ears on your daughter’s or anyone else hair.

Here is a simple step by step:
1.    Part the hair into a middle parting and tie it into two high ponytails.
2.    Tease one ponytail at a time with a comb to add more volume and help the hair to stay in place.
3.    Pull out a portion of the hair tie and pull through the ponytail for about half the length of the hair.
4.    Thread the remaining hair length in through the shape of buns.
5.    Fan out the bun into an arch and secure it with bobby pins.
6.    To finish it up, add a bow at one of the buns.

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