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May 17, 2021
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Printable Employee Work Schedule Template
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What is a spreadsheet and give examples?

Spreadsheet refers to a piece of paper or digital software that provides tables that consist of a certain amount of rows and columns. The function of the table in the spreadsheets is as a media to record, accounting, and/or process data. When it comes to  the modern and digital spreadsheets, it offers a built-in system for financial counting and statistical operations. Digital spreadsheet can even process the raw data we entered in the cell of the spreadsheets. By providing various kinds of formulas, we can use those to process the data. We can download spreadsheet templates to get the example of spreadsheets. The other option is simply open Microsoft Excel app and Google Sheets.

What can spreadsheets be used for?

1.    Storages data
As we have discussed before, spreadsheets can be used as a medium to input the data. In Microsoft Excel, there are million rows and more than 16,000 columns. So, this helps to document the data. Since there is lots of data in a single activity, spreadsheets provide space storage for accommodating those.
2.    Calculates and accounting duties
Digital spreadsheets provide various types of formula that can be used immediately right after we submit the data. This will be helpful to get the processed data quickly. The provided formulas are including accounting formulas.
3.    Scans inaccuracies
Spreadsheets help us to "spread" the data so it looks arranged in a wide form. This layout makes finding the inaccuracies and duplicated data is easier. So, we can get the actual and correct data. The unimportant data can be deleted immediately too. Therefore, we can save more space for updating the newest data in the future.
4.    Facilitates to create reports and charts
The inputted data in the spreadsheets are processed with the provided formulas in the software. The final result of the processing data in a certain period of time can be used for a report of the company or organization. We can even use this as a prediction of the company or organization. The report can also be converted into a form of a chart.

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What are the different types of spreadsheet?

There are various kinds of spreadsheets. They are classified based on the usage. Here are the types of spreadsheet:
1.    Financial tracking
This kind of spreadsheet can disclose expenditures and incomes of each division in the organization or company in a well-defined form.
2.    Data analysis and statistics
This spreadsheet is commonly used to do statistical counting or other kinds of analysing data using certain formulas. In the digital software of spreadsheets, the formula is already built-in. The submitted data of this type commonly reveals some amount of numbers.
3.    Graphing and presenting data spreadsheet
The data in this spreadsheet are disclosed in a form of graphics or tables. The spreadsheet itself actually contains particular data. Then, it's converted and portrayed in visuals. This is actually similar to analyzing data and statistical spreadsheets, but it's portrayed in pictures. It is also common to create the graphic or table spreadsheet in the different sheets.

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