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Updated: May 17, 2021

Microsoft is a company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. Initially, the company was a software company. The name Microsoft itself comes from a combination of two words, microcomputer, and software..

Printable Spreadsheets Templates

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Printable Employee Work Schedule Template
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What is the History of Microsoft?

Microsoft is a company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. Initially, the company was a software company. The name Microsoft itself comes from a combination of two words, microcomputer, and software.

When it was just founded, Microsoft was still located in New Mexico. At its inception, the company was still a software company. However, Microsoft finally moved its location to Washington DC in 1979.

Now, Microsoft is one of the leading global companies. In 2020, Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media and Activision Blizzard. The acquisition makes Microsoft not only a software company but also a company with various lines of business, including games and cloud.

Let's take a flashback to the early days when Microsoft was created by Bill Gates. When Microsoft was first introduced, people were still using typewriters. Microsoft was successfully founded by Gates when he and his friend.

Gates already had an interest in computers and programming while still in high school. Later, he attended Harvard and majored in Law. Even so, he is still pursuing programming. So, he was mostly in the Harvard University computer room.

Meanwhile, Allen became a programmer in Boston. He finally asked Gates to stop studying law and focus on their software development project. Then, Allen found an article about microcomputers in 1975. After being shown to Gates, they started to make programming languages that were compatible with microcomputers.

After eight weeks of doing it, they made a demo of using the software at MITS. MITS finally agreed to market the software made by Gates and Allen. It was this partnership with MITS that allowed Gates and Allen to found Microsoft in 1975.

Why Should We Have Microsoft Skills?

The main reason why Microsoft skills are so important is because Microsoft is a tool that is used in many areas, especially at work. Currently, almost all jobs require Microsoft skills such as Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, or Ms. PowerPoint. Not only for work, Microsoft is also the software needed to do school assignments and college assignments.

So, why are Microsoft skills important? We explain some of the other reasons in these points.

  • Almost all companies need employees who have Microsoft skills. The reason is, now all businesses use Microsoft Office as the main software for making reports, data, and so on.
  • Microsoft skills will also help you in various industries. Especially if you have Microsoft Office certification, it will increase your "selling point" in the company.
  • For job seekers, Microsoft skills are a basic skill that must be mastered because most recruiters and companies ask for these qualifications from their employees.


What Microsoft Skills Must Be Mastered?

Based on an explanation from obtained from GeekWire and IDC, there are some Microsoft Office skills that are most in-demand by employers in the United States.

  • Ms. Excel: You must master pivot tables, fill functions, formatting, and adding columns or rows in Ms. Excel. Not only that, but you also have to be able to create graphs, create table and data analysis, macros, convert text into columns, create statistical data and analyze it, goal seek, and use pivot charts. The spreadsheet templates could help to provide a well-managed system to track things you need.

  • Ms. Word: You should be able to type in Ms. Word and combine multiple documents, format tables, use templates, create and manage comments, format documents, and use the grammar checker
  • Ms. PowerPoint: You must be able to perform several skills which include creating and using templates, inserting media, sharing a slideshow, making presentations, inserting hyperlinks, and creating interactive slideshows.

What Can Spreadsheets Use for?

1. Manage Data

In Microsoft Excel, more than 16,000 columns and million rows were available there which can be really helpful when you need to insert lots of data.

2. Help to Manage Accounting Duties

As there are formulas in the system of Excel, you can submit and process data easier especially for accountants. It will also minimize the inaccuracies when counting the numbers.

3. Create Reports and charts

The spreadsheet data is common to be used for reporting specific data and reports. It can be formed as a chart as well.

Printable Inventory Sheet Template
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Printable Blank Excel Spreadsheet Template
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Printable Blank Spreadsheet Templates
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Printable Guest List Template
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Free Printable Spreadsheet Templates
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Free Printable Accounting Spreadsheet Templates For Small Business
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Free Printable Inventory Spreadsheet Template
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Printable Financial Spreadsheets Templates
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Printable Accounting Spreadsheets Templates
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How to Improve Your Microsoft Skills?

Among various other abilities, Microsoft skills are basic skills that must be mastered by jobseekers. Therefore, you should improve Microsoft's capabilities in these ways. These methods are also easy for beginners who are just learning Microsoft Office.

  • First, you must know about Microsoft Office and the various software in it. Then, learn each of these software. An example is MS Word. Well, there are some features. Learn all the functions of these features. Then, click on each of these features to find out how to use them. The same method can also be applied to Ms. Excel and Ms. PowerPoint.

  • If you already understand the function of each menu or feature in Microsoft Office, you must practice it every day. Yes, by practicing using the software every day, you will be good at using it. If you are still confused about using it, you can search for tutorials on Google or YouTube.

  • You must always have curiosity. That way, you will be able to explore Microsoft Office. If you have questions related to Microsoft Office, you only need to use Google to find the answer or ask your friends who are already proficient in Microsoft Office. Don't be afraid to explore it.

  • If you still can't really use Microsoft today, do it the next day. You shouldn't give up just because you haven't mastered Microsoft Office within a few weeks.

  • You also have to always be confident in your abilities.

  • If you make a mistake using Microsoft Office features and can't return it to its initial settings, you can ask for help from your friends who have often used Microsoft Office. Take it easy, you won't make a fatal mistake just by clicking on these Microsoft Office features.

  • If you are good at using Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, and Ms. PowerPoint, you can use other software provided by Microsoft Office. Examples are Outlook and Ms. Access. So, you can have more skills.

Article written by Adelina M.K., last updated on May 17, 2021 and edited by Printablee Team.

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