Christmas Bell Template Printable

Dec 23, 2020
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Christmas Bell Template
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Where Can We Get Christmas Bell Templates?

You can get the templates of Christmas bell on the internet. There are a lot of websites where you can download the templates for free. You can find them on family, teacher, and parenting forums. Most of them make the templates for their children of theirs as it has been proven to get them busy during Christmas. You can also find the templates in Christmas drawing books and Christmas kids magazines. But, you need to buy it on online stores or offline stores like the Christmas market and bookstores.

Who Will Use the Template of Christmas Bell?

Usually, the template of the Christmas bell is very simple and easily found in children's coloring books. Indeed, there are no additional patterns for the bell, unlike in adult coloring pages. Teens also use the template to make Christmas bells for tree ornaments and other room decorations. A lot of adults use the template to make a homemade bell for their own creativity and fun. Including teachers, they use the template to teach math and color for the students. After all, anybody can use the templates to get their hands dirty, improve creativity, and support learning processes. 

Can We Color Template for Christmas Bell?

Yes! You can color and decorate the templates of the Christmas bell. Since most of the templates are for little kids, you will find many of the templates are blank and white. But basically, everybody can put some color and decoration on the templates. For example, you can color the bell with glitters, watercolors, crayons, gel pens, and such. Some people stick some tissue paper and colored paper to decorate the template. This one template is the same as any other template, where you can explore your creativity with it. You are free to add cute colors as you like.

Christmas Bell Pattern Printable
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Printable Christmas Bells Template
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What Do We Need to Use the Template of Christmas Bell?

The most commonly used material to utilize the template of a Christmas bell is, of course, paper. Then, to get the finished product, you will need more supplies, such as coloring utensils, colored papers, aluminum foil, and such. After that, you will also need a glue stick to stick the template on cardboard, scissors to cut the edges, a twine to hang the star, a hole puncher, or a stand to put on top of the tree. If the template is used for a Christmas card, you need the card first before you put the decoration. 

How does Christmas bring the family together?

Christmas is always the time when the family gathers around and spends time creating a beautiful memory. The tradition indeed brings the whole family closeness and creates a sense of belonging. Some families already have the tradition that host annually. If you might haven’t owned one yet, it’s not too late to start this year.

Bringing up the tradition means creating a moment that is long-lasting. To keep all the moments, you capture with the camera and display each year's picture on your wall. While celebrating the holiday, you guys can also trace back to the time and moment in the previous celebration.

Besides the cheering vibes, the holiday also embraces the faith of each family member. It is also a part of the religious tradition where each of you reminds of the highlight of the celebration.

What does ringing a bell symbolize?

When you think about the word bell, the first time that comes up to your mind might be the school's end time or the classical version of a siren. It’s kinda right but the bells actually also connected with the culture and society.  

This thing has versatile meanings. It can represent the starts and the ends. This percussion tool also symbolizes the call for order and even warning.

In ancient times, the bell was known as the musical instrument of the gods. It is also connected with relaxing minds and malevolent spirits. The Bible even mentioned that it has a special connection with the Moses story.

The bells played with hands and move out in one direction first then another direction later. The sounds will ring then.

Why do Christians use bells at Christmas?

The sounds of Christmas of course always connected with the bells. At the midnight, the church would ring the bells as a sign of “Merry Christmas”. The tradition must be come up with the history also.

Bells were popular as a communication tool in the Middle East. At the time, the highest building in the city was a church with bells alongside it. This bell was rung for any purposes such as communication all day long, announcements, the start and end of the event, and special celebrations.

In the pagan tradition, it was first used for protecting people from evil spirits. Time by time, bells then adopt to be Christian tradition. At the time, St. Patrick used the bells as a sign that the lesson starts and end.

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