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Jun 06, 2023
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Baby Weight Pool Template
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What are Baby Pools?

Do you know what a baby shower is? Yes, it is an event that is becoming a trend nowadays. It is a celebration to give gifts and prayers to mothers and babies before the labor process.

When talking about baby showers, there is also the term baby pools. Baby pools are one of the events held before the labor process. However, it is different from a baby shower. Baby pools is a game that a husband and wife created for their friends and family. The game requires all party guests to guess the gender, date of birth, weight, and length of the baby. The one who can guess correctly is the winner.

This is something that can strengthen the relationship between you and your friends and family. This game can also make pregnant women more relaxed before undergoing a stressful labor process. Therefore, pregnant women can try to organize baby pools to get the best moments before the baby's birth.

How to Prepare for a Baby Pool Game?

Before deciding to create a baby pool game event, you and your partner need to prepare these things so the event can run perfectly.

  1. Define Concept

    The first thing you have to do is determine the theme or concept of the baby pools event. You can do it offline or online, depending on your abilities. However, if your funds are limited and you want to keep things simple, online baby pools are the best choice.

    If you want to communicate directly with friends and family at the event, offline baby pools will be the best event you can organize before labor.

  2. Set the Time and Invite Guests

    Next, you need to determine the best time to host the event. You also make a list of guests who will be invited to the event. After that, inform the people you invite about the event.

  3. Doing USG

    Another important thing that you must do before making a baby pool game is to do USG. This is because the core of the game in baby pools is a game of guessing the gender and all the characteristics of the baby. Therefore, you must do USG to provide answers for guests. The USG is also used to choose the winner of the game.

What are the Benefits of Doing Baby Pools?

Actually, there are many benefits that you will get if you do the baby pool game. Some of those benefits are below.

  1. Positive Affirmations

    By doing baby pools, you will meet the people closest to you. It will make you get lots of positive prayers and affirmations from them. It will really help you and your partner to prepare before the labor process.

  2. Sharing Insights on Maternity Process and Caring for Babies

    Baby pools can also make you gain a lot of insight regarding how to deal with the birth process and how to care for babies from the people who take part in the game.

Can Baby Pools Bring You Closer to Friends and Family?

From the explanation above, we know that you can improve relationships with family and friends through the baby pools game. How baby pools bring friends and family together?

So, baby pool is a fun game that will keep everyone who attends the event entertained. There are many people at the event, so you'll be able to interact with friends and family. Not only playing games, you can also chat and tell stories with them during the event. Communication will allow you to improve the quality of relations with friends and family.

Baby Pool Template Printable
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What are Fun Baby Pool Ideas?

To entertain everyone who takes part in the baby pools, you have to make baby pools more fun. Use these ideas to make the game as a memorable moment for you, your friends, and family.

  1. Surprise Box

    Many people do baby pools and present surprise boxes for invited guests. You only need to enter the USG results into the box. Then, when everyone has guessed it, you can open the box to show everyone the answer.

  2. Card

    If you choose to do online baby pools, announce the answer by sending cards to the people participating in the game. Send the card to their home along with a sweet message for them.

  3. Cake

    The baby boy is identical to the color blue. Baby girls are identical to red or pink. Therefore, you can order a pink or blue cake according to the gender of your baby who will be born. After everyone has guessed the gender, birthday, weight, and length of your baby-to-be, show them the cake for the answer.

  4. Baby Items

    If you want to use a more creative way, you can do this one way. So, ask people to guess the gender of your baby. Then, show them a set of baby items that will be the answer to the game.

    Examples are baby boy shoes, hats, and pants to show that your future baby is a boy. Meanwhile, you can use skirts, headbands, and dolls to show everyone that your baby is a girl.

  5. Riddles

    Want to make baby pools more exciting? You can collaborate between baby pool games and puzzle games. So, after everyone has guessed, you can give a card with the riddle on it. Later, the command or question on the card will lead the people to find the answer of the game.

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