Miniature Printable Vintage Labels

Oct 11, 2009
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Dollhouse Miniature Printables Food Label
Dollhouse Miniature Printables Food Labeldownload

What are the three types of labels?


Labels refers to a piece of paper or anything that comes in a sheet that contains the information or logo of the item on it. There are three types of labels: brand, descriptive, and grade. Download the miniature vintage label to examine the precise example of various kinds of labels. The brand label only reveals the name of the brand, the symbol, or the trademark. It doesn't provide us with the product information. When we get detailed information about the product's purpose, ingredients, and beneficial features, we can name it a descriptive label. This label includes how to take care of the product, the expiry date, or how to use the product ideally. A grade label shows the rate of the product's quality.

Are labels necessary?

Yes, it is necessary. There are some reasons the importance of a label, including:
1.    As a tool of branding
Branding works to differ the product to another. One of the tools for branding is a label. With labels, people can notice our product. They can even directly associate a certain color to our product.
2.    Contains how to use the product
If the product doesn't consist of the steps how to use it, it can be harmful for the consumer. So, the label makes them safe.
3.    Discloses the ingredients or the contents of the product
If we have an allergy to a particular composition, it means we have to avoid it. The disclosure of the compositions help us to match the product to our personal needs. So, we can use or consume the right product.
4.    Reveals how to dispose the package
Some products have a special treatment, including the package. We can take an example of a deodorant spray. Since it is an aerosol bottle, it means that the bottle is flammable. If the label doesn’t contain this information, some consumers will throw it randomly. This causes an explosion over a period of time.

Dollhouse Miniature Printables Food Label
Dollhouse Miniature Printables Food Labeldownload
Miniature Printables Food Labels
Miniature Printables Food Labelsdownload
Miniature Canned Food Labels
Miniature Canned Food Labelsdownload
Miniature Dollhouse Canned Food Labels
Miniature Dollhouse Canned Food Labelsdownload
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Miniature Vintage Labels Printablesdownload
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Printable Vintage Medicine Labelsdownload
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Vintage Can Label Printables
Vintage Can Label Printablesdownload

How to make a miniature vintage label?

We have discussed that a miniature vintage label can be a good choice to learn types and parts of a label. Plus, we can also compare label designs from time to time. To have our own miniature vintage label, here are some steps to make DIY:

1.    Prepare the following: A sticker paper, printer, and scissor.
2.    Download miniature vintage label.
3.    Print it on the sticker paper.
4.    Cut the printed sticker paper according to the selected shape of miniature vintage label.
5.    Remove the paper that keeps the glue from the sticker paper.
6.    Paste the sticker into the miniature that we have.

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