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Mar 17, 2015
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Names of Countries around the World Flags Images
Names of Countries around the World Flags Imagesdownload

Why do people collect miniature world flags?

Imagine you can travel around the world now. You can pop out enjoying sunset in Hawaii or eating the best original ramen nearby Tokyo. Then after that long journey, what comes to your mind before going on board must be souvenirs. Besides collecting keychains from countries, people also happen to collect miniature world flags. They take those miniature world flags as something to collect because they represent the countries and can make your shelves to be more colorful. Collecting miniature world flags also can be a medium to learn with your children to know that each country might have some similar color yet it has different culture, geography and language.

How to make a miniature world flags craft?

Miniature world flag craft usually can be found when there are international related events or programs. To make these miniature world flags you don’t need a hassle to prepare. You can create your own DIY world flags by preparing satay sticks, paint, brush, paper and glue. First you can start by painting the satay sticks with black paint. However it depends on you if you want to make it solid with black or just like mini bamboo. Then you need to fold the paper into 4 pieces. There you can have 4 kinds of world flags to make. Paint those divided paper with any flags you want and roll a bit the edge of the paper. Once it all dried, you can use your miniature world flags as a photos property or to be attached on your bulletin board in the office hall.

World Flag Icons Free
World Flag Icons Freedownload
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Why do protests bring signs and flag?

We have seen so many kinds of cases of protest. Above all cases that were actually essential and the crucial topic to be solved either by the government or a company, the protest always brought signs and flags. Also they always put their mask on. Observing the ideas, flags and signs are items that must be protested brought to the field because they represent what they either have to fight or support. At the most chaotic moment of protesting, we know that there might be a flag burned. This is actually illegal and against the law and nowadays protestors have been more considerate in doing such things. Prottester also use masks beside to keep themselves safe from police or guards who are making defense and at times can attack unexpectedly, those masks keep their identity safely.

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