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Jul 04, 2011
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Star Wars Food Label Printables
Star Wars Food Label Printablesdownload

What makes Star Wars a hit?

Star Wars is a movie created and directed by George Lucas. This movie has been on a long journey and it is still going strong until now. The iconic Star Wars has become a part of childhood within generations. Even those who haven’t seen the first of the long saga from Star Wars now are able to access the movie through streaming sites and are still in awe about how the technology back then created such a great space alien thing. What is it exactly that makes Star Wars a big hit and still popular until today? It changed the world. Ever since the first movie was released, it has become a product from action figures to video games and books. Even to such simple tiny little things like Star Wars labels or enamel pins.  Star Wars became a hit and made a big impact on cinema since the character and all story in it seems original and a kind of cross cultural makes it done well.

Why is the Star Wars logo font iconic?

For decades, the Star Wars saga has ‘invaded’ us. Through the success of the films, many brands or products influenced to make a collaboration or themed about this George Lucas film. A one catchy thing you can always remember from Star Wars aside from its great and classic music scoring is the logo. As a film icon, Star Wars has made a huge success in creating a storm to a culture. People have been looking up into its products like from action figures, costume to accessories. For all ages, collecting Star Wars attributes becomes a different feeling because it is really iconic. Some kids nowadays also happen to be a fan and want to have their belongings be attached by the Star Wars label sticker theme. Even though Star Wars logo changes at times regarding the placement or new concept, the bright yellow logo and font still the sharp one as to be the most iconic font.

Star Wars Party Food Label Printables
Star Wars Party Food Label Printablesdownload
Star Wars Printable Water Bottle Labels
Star Wars Printable Water Bottle Labelsdownload
Star Wars Party Label Printables
Star Wars Party Label Printablesdownload
Star Wars Name Tags Printable Free
Star Wars Name Tags Printable Freedownload
Star Wars Party Food Labels
Star Wars Party Food Labelsdownload
Star Wars Party Food Label Printables
Star Wars Party Food Label Printablesdownload

How do Star Wars influence pop culture?

As we all know, Star Wars is no longer just a movie. Not only has it been franchised into many kinds of stuff like TV shows, figures, comic books, costumes and other merchandise that seems cool, the existence of Star Wars has become an influence to pop culture. The deal of Star Wars is the starter of modern special effect in movies and the modern movie trilogy thing. The ideas of producing merchandise in addition to making more profit has escalated quickly. Many movies then make merchandise and do the movie branding into various forms. Many professional illustrators and artists make alternate posters, prints and even create art work which is influenced by it.

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