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Feb 19, 2011
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Disney Letter Font Embroidery
Disney Letter Font Embroiderydownload

What font is used for Disney letters?

Within years, Walt Disney is no longer a product. It becomes a lifestyle. It inspires so many people in their lives. That makes many brands want to adopt the idea of Walt Disney into their brand through varied forms. One that is particular is the letters or the font. The company, Walt Disney, has never released any official large Disney font letter. But there are many people who adore the fonts. In fact, there are many brands, organizations, products, and people who need the fonts to support their ideas. That is why in 2000, there was a unique typeface inspired by fonts used by Disney. It is called Waltograph.

Waltograph is a typeface or font created based on the Walt Disney logotype. The category of the font is a casual script. And because it does not have any relation with the company, it is created by a designer. His name is Justin Callaghan. Even though it was released in 2000, then the public name of Waltograph was used in 2004. Today, there are so many versions of Waltograph. And although it is unofficial and also not affiliated with the company, it is occasionally used by the company. What makes it more interesting is that the Waltograph typeface is free. It can be used on any kind of occasion.

How do I download a Disney font?

Waltograph is surely designed based on the Disney logotype. But, overtime, Disney has so many products. One of the most popular products is the movie. And one of the most requiring items in a movie is the letters or the font. There are so many typefaces under the Disney font, including the large Disney font letter, the movie font, the song font, the cartoon font. If you are interested and want to use one of the fonts as your personal project, you can start by searching the font in some font-search websites, like dafont. Use the search box and type Disney. Then, there are so many options you can choose based on the Disney universe.  

Disney Font Alphabet Letters
Disney Font Alphabet Lettersdownload
Disney Font Letter Printables
Disney Font Letter Printablesdownload
Disney Font Letter Printables
Disney Font Letter Printablesdownload
Walt Disney Letters Font
Walt Disney Letters Fontdownload
Walt Disney Script Font
Walt Disney Script Fontdownload
Disney Font Letter Printables
Disney Font Letter Printablesdownload
Disney Letters Font
Disney Letters Fontdownload
Disney Mickey Mouse Letters Alphabet
Disney Mickey Mouse Letters Alphabetdownload

What font are Mickey Mouse letters?

Mickey Mouse is considered as one of the most popular characters in the Disney universe. Born in 1941 as comic books, Mickey Mouse now becomes movies, series, dolls, and brands. But, even though it was mainly created manually, now, there are some parts that are available in digital, including the font. It is not officially released or designed by the company, but there are some commercial fonts that used Mickey and Minnie Mouse as the inspiration. Some big commercial fonts inspired are Xavier Sans, Aarde Black, and also Mickey.  

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