Alphabet Disney Font Printables

May 09, 2010
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Disney Font Alphabet Letter Printables
Disney Font Alphabet Letter Printablesdownload

What Font is used for Disney Letters?

The lettering of the Walt Disney logo is not using any fonts. It is a custom made lettering special for the logo. But, if you are looking for fonts that look similar to Disney letters, there are a few fonts out there that try to mimic the Disney lettering style. One of the most popular of them is a font called Waltograph. There are two variations of Waltograph: Waltograph42 and Waltograph UI. Waltograph 42 is a regular font with uppercase and lowercase letters. Waltograph UI is intended for increased legibility at small sizes and on computer screens. It is a free-for-personal-use type of font and you can download it for free.

Is there a Disney Font on Microsoft?

Microsoft does not include a Disney font. However, there are some third party fonts that are similar to the Disney lettering style. You need to download and install it on your computer to be able to use it on Microsoft Word. As a word processing software, Microsoft Word can display your text using any font installed on your computer. If you don't feel like downloading and installing it, you can use a font generator. There are many font generators services on the internet that you can use as free.

Walt Disney Letters Font
Walt Disney Letters Fontdownload
Disney Font Alphabet Letters
Disney Font Alphabet Lettersdownload
Disney Font Alphabet Letter Printables
Disney Font Alphabet Letter Printablesdownload
Disney Letter Font Embroidery
Disney Letter Font Embroiderydownload
Disney Font Letter Printables
Disney Font Letter Printablesdownload
Disney Character Alphabet Letters
Disney Character Alphabet Lettersdownload

Is the Disney Font Copyrighted?

The famous Disney logo is not considered as a font. It is a custom wordmark consisting of stylized lettering. The design is composed of characters that were designed from scratch, or in this case, the logo is a stylized version of Walt Disney's signature. The only letters designed were the ones in the logo. Some fonts mimic the characters in the Disney signature logo, but they are not affiliated with the Disney company.

Regarding its status as intellectual property, the Disney name, logo, and signature design are registered in US trademark registrations. To use the Disney logo in any way not authorized by the Disney company would surely be a trademark infringement. On the other hand, the logo itself is almost certainly not protected by copyright. Logos that simply consist of lettering, even if it's stylized, generally do not meet the standards required for copyright protection in the US.

If what you mean by Disney font is the font that looks similar to the Disney logo such as Waltograph and any other font mimicking the Disney signature logo, you can use them for free for personal use. However, using it for a profitable business is a different matter and you need to get permission.   

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