Printable Large Script Letters

Apr 18, 2022
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Printable Large Script Letters
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Printable Cursive Letter R
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What is a script letter?

A script letter, including large script letters can be defined as a typeface that is written based on the various strokes and and sometimes it tends to look fluid that is created by handwriting. Usually, the large script letters are included in the commercial printing, rather than the body text inside the body of latin alphabet.

The main point in the script letters is that the letters were originally made with handwriting. Even though now we can see it's printed for a commercial purpose, it is actually adapted from handwriting letters. To learn hand lettering using handwriting, we can download large script letters as an ideal example and benchmark of writing script letters.

How do I write a script font?

Hand lettering, including for large scripts letters hand lettering needs a persistent exercise. These skills should be trained for several times to get the best result of script hand lettering. Here are some ways in a sequentially order to write a script font:
1. Warm up your fingers before beginning the writing
We can simply do a slight writing and draw some lines and circles to make us familiarize with the writings. This will make us well-endured when it comes to keeping the consistency of the writings.
2. Keep calm and maximize the time
Relax the fingers, don't put the highest tension, breath in and out, and focus. This will be helpful to ease the tremor when writing.
3. Pick a style
We can download large script letters as a reference for script writing. Deciding the style in the beginning prevents an inconsistent shape each stroke.
4. Play with various materials
Not only pen, but we can use pencil, markers, ball points, or even brush and ink. After we have tried several materials, we can pick which one that becomes the most comfortable for us.

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What does script font look like?

Based on the previous discussion, the script letters, including the large script letters actually formed from a handwriting. The form of each letter is flowy and smooth instead of rigid and stable. Each letter is connected by a line. There are also curves to form a certain letter. It is actually almost like cursive letterings, but have more various shapes. The stroke forms like when we create a line using pen, brush, or pencil. It is not completely bold and thick. It has a slight texture in the stroke. We are actually familiar with the example of the script letters. Yes, we can find it in calligraphy, for instance.

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