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Jun 05, 2010
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Letter F Printable Worksheets
Letter F Printable Worksheetsdownload

How do you write a letter F?

There are two main ways to write letter F, the uppercase and the lowercase one. Here are the following steps to write the uppercase letter F:
1.    Download alphabet worksheet letter F.
2.    Start creating vertical line from above
3.    Write a horizontal line from the first point of the vertical line.
4.    Do the same thing, but the position for the second one is lower than the first horizontal

Here are some steps to write lowercase letter F:
1.    Create a rounded line on the above.
2.    Keep continuing the line by striking a vertical line downward.
3.    Write a horizontal line on the center of the first line.

What word starts with F?

Some of the words starting with letter F include face, frog, fox, and first. Actually, there are 5.055 words that have the letter F to begin those words. Based on the number of letters that make up the word, the words starting with letter F can be divided into seven categories. There are words with two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight letters. The longest word starting with the letter F is Floccinaucinihilipilification. It refers to the meaning of an estimation of something as worthless. The word consists of 29 letters.

How old is the letter F?

The letter F was developed by Greek in 750 BC. The letter F, including the letter S too, was brought by Greek from the combination of some Etruscan characters. Far from this, the first alphabet writing was introduced by Egypt. The writing was developed in the range of 1800 to 1900 BC. Then, Phoenicians improved the newest foundations of the alphabet. They developed it 700 years later. They formed 22 letters. All of them are consonant. Then, Greek did their job so that they added vowels and letters S and F too.

Printable Alphabet Letter F Worksheets
Printable Alphabet Letter F Worksheetsdownload

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Where does the letter F come from?

Based on the previous explanation above, the letter F firstly came from Greek. However, this statement is still a debatable. Some of the experts are sure that the letter F comes from Semitic alphabet called vau. They also claimed that the letter F was just distinguished a little bit from the letter E. The Greek was only removing one of the horizontal strokes. However, the second statement is not strongly declared. Based on both of the cases, the letters weren't improved by Greeks. It's because there is a letter F appearing in the Lydian alphabet too. The letter F was used in an Asian alphabet. The Asian alphabet itself was adopted by Greek, Lydian, and Etruscan.

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