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Sep 28, 2022
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Printable Birthday Chart Template
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How can you DIY a classroom birthday chart?

As an everyone's birthday reminder in the classroom, you might think of the birth chart to place on the classroom wall. Involve the students to make it sounds to be a fun activity. Make them pack some crafting materials and execute them in the classroom with friends.

Prepare the list of what students need to bring on the day such as the watercolor along with the brush, ruler, pencil, and white thick paper. The rest should prepare by you.

All you need to serve are the stencil and the board. On the day, show them how to use the stencil first. So, they can follow you easily on the project.

Let’s jump into the making process. Spread all of the stencils for the students. Before tracing the stencil line, explain how your project works first. Because it’s a birthday chart, each student should gather information about their classmate’s birthday.

Instruct them to do this with the real conversation about asking for someone’s birthday. A student already has a month label they need to list with their classmate’s birthday.

After the information is gathered, jump to the crafting process. Students need to stick the stencil into the white paper and trace the stencil line with the paint. As the base, they can use the black one.

Continue to paint all of the parts as they wish and let them dry. Instruct them to make lines on the image then write the birthday name on it. Lastly, let them stick it into the board you’ve prepared.

Even if it’s such a simple activity, involving the student in making a birthday chart is such a fun icebreaking. Besides, this activity also boosts communication skills due to the convos to gather birthday information.

What are some unique birthday gifts for kids?

If you realize that your kid’s birthday is coming, you gotta hurry in seeking a reference about the thing to pack as a gift for them. Customizing with what your kids love can be the greatest idea. Some gifts below might be the ones you consider.

While facing the rainy season, you must be preferring the ones they can play indoors. Making kids build crazy forts is unique yet entertaining for them. If your kids potentially love cooking, the all-in-one mini kitchen set would train them on how to arrange their own kitchen. You can instruct them in arranging their food from grocery shopping, washing the dish, operating kitchen tools, and so on.

Kids always love to build a mini house to fulfill their imagination. Have a set of playhouses with mini items to fill in there and let your kids have fun in there. For those who potentially love singing, the karaoke mic could be the greatest gift ever. Your kids would love to hand on the mic and sing along to their favorite songs.

There are various kinds of kits you can turn into your kids' gifts too. The bracelet gift will add to the collection of your kids' accessories while also learning on arranging it as they wish. Other kits to consider are bookmark kits, wall decoration kits to place in their room, and many more.

Preparing a special thing for your kids’ special day is a must. Choose the gift you think your kids will needs and love while also considering the potential skills they have. Therefore, the gift will be beneficial for them not just to make fun of but also to learn.

Classroom Birthday Chart
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Happy Birthday Classroom Chart
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Happy Birthday Classroom Chart
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What birthday treats to serve at kids’ parties?

While planning your kid’s birthday party, of course, the treats should be decided too. kids tend to love something sweet with interesting looks. If you just seeking a reference about the food to serve, check the reference below as your inspiration.

Instead of making an ordinary pie shape, turn it as the pops seem to be more attractive. Have some mini pie and insert the wooden stick on it. Don’t forget about the interesting shape too. Your kids' birthday age shape as the toppers could be the great one.

Serve a healthy treat too. turn the fruits into snake looks by inserting the wooden skewer into grapes with the strawberry as the head. Don’t forget the edible eyes as the details.

Let’s go with something savory. Kids always love sausage. Turn the looks into mummies by wrapping the dough on it will look spot on. Pizza pops would the ones kids craving too. Have some healthy topping on it such as capsicum, cheese, meat, and mushroom. Form a human face looks to make it more attractive.  

As a result, when it comes to kids’ birthday parties, you just need to go with the simple treats. Select those treats to serve and make sure the looks are interesting enough.

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