Halloween October 2015 Calendar Printable

Jun 23, 2014
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2015 Calendar Printable October Halloween
2015 Calendar Printable October Halloweendownload

What are you doing at home making an advent calendar?

A Halloween advent calendar is an excellent way to start the year with a Halloween countdown. The beauty of these featured here is that they are all reusable and can be brought out to display in your home every October, year after year. Here is the way you can make a Halloween advent calendar on your own.

Step one, you can make this by reusing things that you already had such as stacking up some old boxes, wood drawers, or coffee cans.

Step two, decorate the plain cans or boxes with Halloween themed color such as black, white, and oranges. You can also draw some spooky images or Halloween related shapes to add the decorations such as pumpkins, or even a witch broom.

Step three, cutout numbers 1-30 with colored paper (any paper that would work) and stick it to your cans or boxes.

And last, stack those cans or boxes around the corner or wherever to bring the Halloween feelings up around your ceilings!

What does an advent calendar mean?

An Advent calendar is a very special calendar used to countdown to December 25th. Supposedly, the Advent calendar tradition dates back to the 1850s. Some Advent calendars are simple, revealing a picture of a portion of the nativity story behind each tiny door and some calendars feature a piece of chocolate for each day of the countdown. Some are more elaborate and costly and contain gifts or toys. The calendar usually has 24 doors or boxes to open, one for every day in December leading up to Christmas Day. But now, the advent calendar could be used on another holiday such as Halloween. For the Halloween advent calendar, it is made to spice up the Halloween spooky and scary vibes. The word ‘advent’ is borrowed from the medieval Latin word ‘adventus’ that means ‘coming, arrival’

October Halloween Calendar 2015
October Halloween Calendar 2015download
October Halloween Calendar 2015
October Halloween Calendar 2015download
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What do you fill a homemade advent calendar with?

You could fill a homemade Halloween advent calendar with many things. You could fill it with some spooky random stuff such as a fake eyeball, Halloween candy, plastic spiders, or faux snake. Or you could make your advent calendar more interesting by filling it with pieces from a Halloween story and read the whole story that you have to collect every day on Halloween day. You can also fill it with Halloween trivia facts to make it more useful.

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