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Updated on May 12, 2022
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December Christmas Calendar 2014
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What Christmas activities can families participate in?

Having Christmas with the family is undoubtedly what everyone wants. So, to make your Christmas day more fun, participate in the games listed below with your family.


  • Take a picture of your holiday cards. Give yourself enough time to celebrate the holidays by getting your family's Christmas card organized as soon as possible. Family members should be set hilariously, with innovative decorations and outfit changes. You can choose specific areas or places in your house that can really offer an attractive scene because, for this activity, the more unique it will become merrier. Include the final picture in your yearly Christmas cards by writing short messages to pals.

  • Make a variety of Christmas cookies. This is a Christmas activity that brings back a number of pleasant memories.  The age of your child will determine whether or not they can assist you in mixing homemade cookie dough. Allow them to choose whether to include extras like sprinkles, cinnamon, and food coloring. Choose some cookie templates with Christmas designs.  The Christmas cookies may even be served on trays made especially for the occasion.

  • Decorating Christmas tree. Before Christmas Eve even begins, you and your family should spend time decorating your tree. After all, the tree can be decorated with items like bulbs, garlands, ribbons, gifts, and decorations. You may decide which decorations to use and how high to hang them according to the size of the tree. Together, you and your family members will undoubtedly enjoy this activity and smile a lot.


What fun things can kids do around Christmas?

Because it could be expensive and time-consuming, choosing the best Christmas entertainment for your kids might be frustrating. As a result, the Christmas activities listed below aren't only economical but they're also something parents can do at home with their children, including:


  • Organize a holiday crafting party. By holding a Christmas craft party, you may initiate the holiday excitement. Bring your kid's classmates, arranged booths with different activities, and provide a handful of holiday snacks to keep everyone fed during the party. The internet is a great resource for finding information about Christmas crafts, and you, as a parent, can provide your children instructions on how to make them.

  • Making a snowman. Snowy weather will naturally be with you all winter long at Christmas. Grab the chance to play Christmas games with your children. You can instruct them to build miniature snowmen the size of your kids instead of insisting that the snowmen be particularly big. Prepare things like carrots, stones, and a few tree branches in advance. These items will be used to decorate the snowman, including the eyes, nose, and hands. In order to make your kids giggle, you may also engage in activities like snowball tossing with them.

  • Drawing and coloring Christmas-related sketches. Children enjoy drawing as a hobby. Along with drawing, they won't be afraid to add decorations or color to their works. Their preferred stationery was filled with colorful markers, crayons, and colored pencils. Start by giving them a piece of sketching paper. Then, ask children to draw Christmas-related objects like Santa Claus, deer, fairies, gifts, gingerbread men, and a variety of other creatures.

    They will be interested in this activity, which will also help them develop their creativity, while they enjoy the chilly winter. Anyone can perform this activity before Christmas, during Christmas, or even after Christmas. Children won't become bored because of this, and you can show them how much you appreciate what they've done by giving them presents or cookies in appreciation for their efforts in engaging in these activities.

Printable Christmas Calendar December 2014
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December 2014 Calendar Printable
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Christmas 2014 Calendar Printable
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How might a calendar help someone who is anxious?

Someone will undoubtedly benefit from something as basic as a calendar. Due to the possibility of having a range of activities that are happening in your life, activities such as appointments, projects, family reunions, discussions, business functions, and so on can lead to stress.

Stress is related to coordinating all aspects of your life and can rise when you have to keep everything information in your brain without putting it on paper.

You may relieve yourself of the anxiety and insomnia caused by deadlines, work notifications, and important events by writing them down on a calendar. Since you've got it recorded in a calendar you usually see and glance at, there is a lesser possibility that you will neglect things.

How did the advent calendar tradition start?

It was in Germany during the late 1800s when the custom of using advent calendars first gained popularity, which then quickly expanded to the rest of Europe and North America. The illustrations included in Advent calendars actually originated from the Hebrew Bible.

Unfortunately, these days, the majority of Advent calendars are secular. Today, Advent calendars that start to reveal teddy bears, chocolate bars, or images of pop stars are following more conventional ones that feature heavenly things and biblical characters.

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