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Updated on May 30, 2022
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Printable July Calendar
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Printable 2015 Monthly Calendar Template
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Is there anything that can be used from a used calendar?

The calendar changes every year and has no use-value when the calendar has changed years. However, do you know how to use a used calendar that might produce work and be interesting to do? One example of a craft that can be made from used calendars is to use a picture from the calendar as a unique wall decoration.

First of all, please note that in every wall calendar, there will be a calendar that contains the date, month, year, and pictures. The pictures on each calendar are different. You can print images in the form of landscapes, animals, animations, buildings, fruit, flowers, and much more. Therefore, we will use these pictures as wall decorations that are more interesting to look at and display.

The tools that need to be prepared in after using calendars are scissors and frames. The step that must be done begins with cutting the image from each calendar following the outline and making sure to crop the image as neatly as possible. Then, insert the cropped image into the frame according to the desired size.

In the last step, a frame containing an image from the calendar is ready to be hung on the wall. So, in the end, even though the calendar is a used item, it can still be used for something more useful.

Can we make bookmarks from the used calendar?

Even though the new year is approaching, the old calendar should not be tossed. People usually choose calendars because the images are appealing and it would be a waste to throw them away. Used calendars still have many functions if we are smart and creative in reprocessing used calendars into useful items.

One of them is making the calendar a bookmark for books or novels. You need to know that for every wall calendar, the paper material from the calendar can be said to be quite thick. In making bookmarks, you can use calendar paper made from glossy or matte. You can choose based on your preferences and style. Then, you know that each calendar has a beautiful picture or illustration on each sheet.

Therefore, we will use the image as a decoration for the bookmarks that we will make. For the materials and tools, you need to prepare, of course, use calendars, scissors, paper holes, and decorative ribbons. Then, the next step is to cut the calendar paper into a rectangular shape.

The size of the paper can be adjusted according to how long the novel or book will be ordered. The width can be approximately half of the width of the booking sheet. Then, make a hole in the top with a hole punch. After that, insert a piece of ribbon that is longer than the length of the book and tie the ribbon in the hole as a decoration.

Aside from bookmarks, you can also make use of these unused paper for your gift wrappers or to make them as a bubble wrap replacement to go more eco-friendly.

Cute Printable July Calendar
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What snack can be made on World Chocolate Day?

July, 7 is marked on the calendar as a special day for chocolate lovers. The agenda on this date is a time of celebration to commemorate World Chocolate Day. In commemorating this celebration, everyone has their own agenda to celebrate this celebration. However, of course, it will also be fun if you celebrate this celebration at home with your family.

One of the things that must be done when celebrating World Chocolate Day is to make a handmade version of a chocolate snack or dish. The easiest thing to do to celebrate this celebration is to make a chocolate fruit satay snack. In the process of making chocolate fruit skewers, the only ingredients needed are skewers and fruits such as strawberries, grapes, melons, cherries, and other fruits that you like.

Then, the main ingredients that need to be prepared are blocks of melted chocolate. The making process is very easy.

First, put 3 different types of fruit into one skewer. Do the same with the desired number of fruit skewers. Then, dip the fruit skewer into the melted chocolate that is still hot. Then, after it has been coated with chocolate, lift the fruit skewer from the melted chocolate and wait for the chocolate to harden.

If you want it to be more delicious, you can put a fruit skewer that has been covered with chocolate in the refrigerator for about half an hour to get a crunchy texture from the chocolate. Finally, here it is, a chocolate fruit satay snack that can be enjoyed during the celebration of World Chocolate Day.

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