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Updated on May 12, 2022
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What are important dates in December?

Each month always has a special date either celebrated nationally or even internationally. Talk about December, many kinds of commemoration take place in this month. If you are curious more, let’s get to the details!

The 1st of December celebrates as World Aids Day. This commemoration uses to encourage people to raise awareness about Aids. Meanwhile, the 2nd of December annually celebrates World Computer Literacy Day.

This day commemorates to create the awareness of digital literacy among the people who are underserved. International Day of People with Disabled commemorate every 3rd of December. It is also celebrated as World Conservation Day.

9th December become the annual commemoration of the international day against corruption. Human Rights Day is organized every 10th December. This day is observed to raise awareness about the rights of every people.

International Mountain Day celebrates every 11th of December annually.  This day commemorates boosting people's awareness about the importance of keeping the mountain lives.

Christmas always largely celebrate on the 25th of December. It belongs to the Christian commemoration of Jesus’ birthday.

Other important dates that take place in December are international Energy Day, International Migrants Day, International Bio-diversity Day, International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development, and more.

How can I DIY a classroom calendar with a winter theme?

Creating the classroom vibes to be in line with the weather is such a good idea. Therefore, you need a lot of components to place in your class. One of the crucial items is the calendar. Boost the kids' skills by creating a classroom calendar.

If the following season is winter, then it will be great if you use it as the theme. Let’s get to the details!

There are many kinds of components you have to prepare. It consists of the winter template, calendar, coloring pencil, marker, white paper, wooden board, glue, and scissor.

After preparing all the materials, you can jump to divide the kids into groups. Each group will have the role to make certain components. Let’s go to the making process!

You need to attach the categories of day, dates, month, weather, season, and also year. To make it have the winter theme, of course you have to turn each component into snowy winter.

Attach the dates with the snowflakes as the background. Continue with the day’s name. Go with all-blue bubble font along with the snowman embellishment in it.

For the season, you can attach a picture of a winter scene that is full of snowmen, scarf, hats, and anything linked to winter. Weather also should include the picture too.

Because the winter tends to have cold weather, you can instruct the kids to attach a picture of snowflakes with snowy tags. The month and year should be clearly seen.

Let the kids trace the bubble font stencil and make a large month’s name. The year can create using the numbers stencil too. After done with all of the components, ask the kids to color each component on the calendar and place it on the board.  Make sure all the kids participate in this project.

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How do you create a monthly office calendar?

If you are an office worker, the calendar must be the most important thing your office has. Ton types of calendar styles to choose from. Aside from the design, you also have to be aware of the content. Let’s get to the details!

When it comes to the office calendar, it commonly only has 5 days in a week. Instead of leaving a space blank every week, you better customize the calendar that only has 5 days a week. However, the monthly calendar will be more efficient.

Choose the style you want to create. The wall calendar design will be great to attach notes that everyone can see. This kind of design tends to be more effective instead of the desk calendar. With the wall calendar design, every employee might stick to the schedule all the time.

Time for choosing the materials! You can use the whiteboard base, so it will be easier to write and erase. It can work with acrylic too. Therefore, acrylic is transparent and sometimes not works well with the marker.

Divide the whiteboard into grids and make sure it fits 31 numbers. Place a black number sticker on each grid corner. Attach the days' names needed too. Place them in the upper part. Hang it on the wall where everyone can clearly see it.

This will help all persons in charge will be able to track the projects or office agenda to do next and ongoing. Make sure you have different colors for each project.

That’s how you can construct a monthly office calendar. Grab your materials right away!

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