Fundations Lined Paper Printable

Apr 27, 2021
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Fundations Lined Paper Printable
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Fundations Writing Paper Lines
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What is Fundations?

Before we download Fundations lined paper as a worksheet for our kids, we need to know what actually Fundations is. Fundations are a registered method that can be defined as a literacy program for kids, especially for children with the age from 0 to 3 years. This program requires phonic, spelling, and multisensory writing. In this method, there are some elements that are emphasized as a preparation for improving language skills since the beginning.

Here are the elements:
1. The awareness of phonological and phonemic.
2. Pronunciation.
3. Vocabulary.
4. Fluency.
5. Letter formation.
6. Comprehension strategies.
7. Anything that comes to writing skills (including the correct spelling and handwriting)
This Fundations method helps kids to integrate the skills of understanding a command so that they are taught by teachers to engage their corresponding skills. This method is also useful to make the kids involved directly and be active. It is because this method requires many techniques, including audio, visual, and multisensory. So, this makes kids understand the lessons better.

Are Fundations effective?

Yes, it is. There is research found that Fundation are effective when it comes to learning letter knowledge for kindergarten students. This method is also useful to larger phonological and phonemic awareness. This kind of method also makes kids easier to decode phonology. Then, to sum up, this is a helpful device for kids to ease the difficulties of reading. For the higher grader, the most obvious efficacy that can be shown is things that are associated with oral skills and advanced reading, including reciting readings.

How long does it take to complete the Wilson Reading Program?

The instruction that is given shows that this method can be followed within a person or a group of kids that doesn't involve a lot of them. If we want to know the exact period of time to follow this program, it actually depends. The whole duration of a program is based on the frequency and intensity of learning. The approximate time needed to finish a whole curriculum is between 2-3 years, even more than that. The total curriculum of Wilson Reading Program, including Fundations are 12 curriculums.

Wilson Fundation Writing Lines
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What does Fundations teach?

This method teaches kids mainly basic skills of reading and spelling. This involves comprehension strategies, but also combined with a literature-based art program. This method has a power to approach various teaching skills that involves many aspects, including multisensory, structured, cumulative, systematic, and explicit program with the clear-defined delivery to the kids. This method also emphasizes on the skills of instruction differentiation and active learning for kids.

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