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Updated on Nov 03, 2022
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Printable Kindergarten Writing Paper Template
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What are the benefits of learning to handwrite?

Even though nowadays is the digital era, you still need to teach your kids handwriting. Besides knowing how to write letters, it also involves so many benefits to learn. Here are several benefits your kids will gain through learning this practice.

It has the role in boost your kids' fine motor skills. By touching and scratching the pencil, kids allow training of their muscles while also grabbing the pencil. It also helps them to have a handwriting style.

Through this activity, kids can comprehend what you teach. Before moving to this step, of course you need to teach them how to take notes. With comprehend the learning into the notes, it allows them in the sentence which makes them more understand while also leading to creativity in paraphrasing.

The activity also increases children's focus. Instead of writing through the keyboard, the use of a pen to write makes them more pay attention and might stick to details of the font style they make out.

Through writing letters or numbers, kids have the experience of forming various kinds of shapes which lead them to have sensory experiences. It uses both visuals and senses in the practice.

Handwriting also leads to cognitive development. The practice facilitates the kids to sharpen their memories while also better brain function.  

Those are what kids can get through this learning activity. Just make sure they learn and master it. you can involve fun ways such as games and worksheets to make them more engaging.

What to involve in the handwriting worksheet?

While you arrange the worksheet for students, you must think of the activities to apply to it. If the kids are newbies to learning handwriting, you can start with a letter practice sheet.

Make them write the A-Z using the dot-to-dot letters. Then you can continue to the real handwriting. You can also involve the upper and lower letters to form a worksheet.

Continue with letting them write simple phrases. The basic etiquette handwriting sounds great to practice while also acknowledging the phrase of etiquette.

Practice your student's skill with writing sentences repeatedly. Make a worksheet that involves the lowercase and uppercase to write in a worksheet.

Arranging the worksheet to make the kids practice cursive sounds good too. Start from the simple ones by letting the kids write the words, then you can move on to the phrases and sentences.

Writing the essay is perfect for higher-grade elementary students. Just provide the blank worksheet and decide the theme they should go for it. The student’s daily routine sounds awesome for the essay.

Those are the activities you can involve in the worksheet. For the lower grade kids, you can go with the worksheet that involves the picture they are supposed to color. Just keep in mind that you have to consider the age before throwing the worksheet.

1st Grade Writing Paper Template
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How do you prepare for teaching 1st graders?

The 1st grade is the time kids move to the next stage of learning. Some materials are added but the learning still needs to be fun.  The first day of school might be terrifying for them. therefore, you need to prepare a lot to nail your teaching on the first day while also easing kids' stress.

Set up the classroom with a fun look to have a sense of invite. With the wonderful looks, kids might amaze by the things you place in the classroom. You can start with setting up the classroom library with the fabulous design. Attractive wallpaper should include too.

Create inspiring decorations such as the career types. Customizing the decoration with the season sounds great too. The comfy learning zone is a must. Make them not only sit at their desk but also gather around to discuss. A colorful carpet will be great as the discussion venue.

Gathering the school supplies. Even though the kids bring the school supplies by themselves, you still need to prepare them, in case they forget to bring them. Other than the school suppliers for the kids, you also need to take your own. Make sure you list all things you might need in the class.

Creating a welcome sign sounds great for the first day of school. Involve their name on the wall and make them recognize it. The welcome sign with the seat set will make them pay attention to it.

Start the lesson as the teaching planner you create. Involve the exciting lesson with some engaging activities. Teaching with songs, videos, and games will support you a lot. Select the book that is in line with the kids learning.

If they just enter the classroom for the first time, you can look for a book that tells the experience of the first day of school. It is supposed to ease their scare. Make them read aloud with you.

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