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Updated on Feb 02, 2023
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United States Road Map Printable
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What are the dos and don’ts while I travel in the US?

Traveling to the United States can be a wonderful and exciting experience. However, it's necessary to be mindful of local customs and laws. Before you enter the states, it's better to dig for some knowledge about things there. Here are a few dos and don'ts to keep in mind while traveling in the US:


  1. Respect personal space.

Americans tend to value personal space and it's considered rude to invade someone's personal space by standing too close or invading their privacy.

  1. Tip.

Tipping is a common practice in the US, especially in the service industry. It's customary to tip 15-20% for good service in restaurants, bars, and taxi rides.

  1. Dress appropriately.

While the US is a casual country, it's always best to dress respectfully in public places, especially when visiting religious sites or government buildings.

  1. Follow traffic rules.

Always follow traffic laws, including wearing a seatbelt, obeying speed limits, and yielding to pedestrians.

  1. Be mindful of local customs.

Be respectful of local customs and traditions, especially when it comes to cultural celebrations and religious observances.



  1. Litter

Littering is considered rude and illegal in the US, so always dispose of your trash in designated waste receptacles.

  1. Use public transportation without a valid ticket.

Public transportation systems in the US, such as subways and buses, require a valid ticket to ride.

  1. Smoke in public places.

Many cities and states in the US have laws prohibiting smoking in public places, including restaurants, bars, and parks.

  1. Carry a weapon in public.

Carrying a weapon in public, even with a valid license, is illegal in many cities and states in the US.

  1. Park in a handicapped spot without a permit.

Parking in a designated handicapped spot without a valid permit is illegal in the US and can result in a fine.

By following these simple dos and don'ts, you can have a safe and enjoyable experience while traveling in the United States. You are also able to follow their customs which makes both you and the locals feel comfortable. 

How was the road map invented?

Road maps have been around for centuries, providing travelers with a way to navigate unfamiliar territory. Here's a brief overview of the history of road maps:

Some of the earliest road maps were created by medieval cartographers, who created hand-drawn maps to help travelers navigate from one town to another.

In the 16th century, the invention of the printing press made it possible to print maps, making them more widely available.

During the 19th century, the development of the automobile made road travel more popular, and road maps were created specifically to help drivers find their way.

Motoring clubs such as the Automobile Association (AA) in Britain began to produce road maps to help drivers navigate in the early 20th century.

GPS technology became widely available in the late 20th century making road maps less essential but still popular with many travelers who prefer the simplicity and reliability of a physical map.

The invention of road maps has greatly aided travel and navigation, making it easier for people to explore new places and reach their destinations. Today, road maps continue to be an important tool for travelers and are used alongside GPS devices and online maps.

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United States Road Map USA
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How can a road map help you travel?

It's such an important thing to have the right tool to direct you to the place while you travel to new places. Road maps are a great tool to have while traveling and offer many benefits, including:

Convenient. Road maps are easy to carry and can be accessed quickly, allowing you to quickly reference them when you need to.

Cost-effective. Unlike GPS devices, road maps are relatively inexpensive and don't require any monthly fees.

Reliable. Road maps don't rely on cell phone service or internet connectivity and can be used in areas with limited or no cell service.

Plan your route. It allows you to plan your route in advance and make adjustments on the fly if necessary. This is the way you can make everything on your travel execute effectively. 

Find scenic routes. Road maps often highlight scenic routes, allowing you to take a more scenic and leisurely drive to your destination.

Explore new areas. This can help you find new places to visit and explore while traveling everywhere. The road map would be beneficial the most if you go to the place where the signal is unreachable.

No need to rely on technology. With road maps, you don't need to worry about losing power or having a dead battery, ensuring you always have a reliable way to navigate.

By using road maps while traveling everywhere. You can save money, have peace of mind, and make the most of your trip.

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