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Mar 23, 2010
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Blank Texas Map Outline Printable
Blank Texas Map Outline Printabledownload

Texas Map Template

When you think of the United States, you think of cowboys, guns and ranches, much like the old western movies we used to watch or atleast have heard of so much. And the most iconic place to notice and look at when thinking about the old west culture is the State of Texas. Even though the state has been modernized much like every state in the USA, the state of Texas still has this atmosphere that was depicted in the old western movies. Barren, dusty, and stinging heat, the state still preserves and maintains important landmarks so that the newer generation and foreigners may be taught and enjoy the history and culture of the nation. Not only is the state of Texas known for its old western-ish culture, it’s also known for the famous NASA institute situated in the town of Austin, and it is also important because it borders the country of Mexico. It should be noted as well that The shape of the state’s border one of, if not, the most iconic of all the states in the U.S., which makes choosing the correct Texas map template necessary when making merchandise of the state.

Where is Texas in the map?

Texas is one of the 50 US states, located in the south-central section of the country; it has a 560 km (350 mi) long coastline on the Gulf of Mexico in the southeast, and shares a 3,169 km (1,969 mi) long border with Mexico along the Rio Grande. The Lone Star State (The nickname of the state) borders the US state of New Mexico in the west; the Red River of the South marks and defines its border with the US state of Oklahoma. Texas has a short border with Arkansas in the east; the Sabine Rivermarks and creates a natural boundary to Louisiana in the east. The other major rivers within the state are the Brazos River, the Canadian River, the Colorado River, and the Pecos River. Usually, within a Texas map template, to represent the lone star state title, the template has the top left part of the U.S. flag traced onto the template. Having the blue color of the flag on the left with a single white star on the middle of the blue part, white on the top right part of the template, and red on the bottom left.

What is Texas famous for?

The lone star is depicted on the Texan state seal and flag of Texas. The nickname is to signify its previous status as an independent state. The nickname also serves as a reminder of their struggle of the time when they fought for their independence from Mexico. Even though they have been using the nickname for as long as over a century, Texas officially adopted the nickname in 2015. Alamo is a fort and is near San Antonio, and it’s where the Texan soldiers defended the fort against the Mexican military which was led by General Santa Anna. During the Texan war of independence in 1835, a group of volunteer soldiers was stationed at fort Alamo. The city of Austin is known as the Live-Music Capital since there are over a hundred places in the city where free live music is held on any given evening. A Texas map template often will depict the city of Austin in words as its most iconic city.

Texas Outline Clip Art
Texas Outline Clip Artdownload

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Printable Texas Map Outline
Printable Texas Map Outlinedownload
Printable Texas Map Outline
Printable Texas Map Outlinedownload
Texas State Outline
Texas State Outlinedownload
Printable Blank Texas Map
Printable Blank Texas Mapdownload

Why is Texas so proud?

Texas pride is the sense of demographic pride which is felt by the people who currently or formerly lived in the state of Texas. Texas is a state with a unique cultural history and complex story of development and background. This individuality mindset has shaped a state-wide construct of unswayed demographic pride. Demographic pride in Texas has been developed and improved as children are taught at a young age on what Texas is all about. This is displayed in the Texas education system as they invest a large portion of their curriculum centering on Texas history. In a Texas map template, including things like ‘i love texas’ is favorable to cater to the proud mindset of the people living in Texas.

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