Large Blank World Maps Printable

Updated on Dec 21, 2021
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Large Blank World Maps Printable
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Printable Blank World Map Countries
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What is a World Map Poster?

The world map poster is a map of the world that can be customized according to the wishes and needs of its users. Customization of the world map is done by changing some of the standard components on the map. Therefore, this map is also known as a special map.

Typically, some of the customized components are as follows.

  • Size: You can customize the size of the world map. If the map is small, the details on the map are better. However, large maps don't have great details.
  • Area: An area on the world map can also be one of the customized components. So, not all countries or regions on Earth have to be drawn on the world map. If you only need certain areas on the map, just select the desired areas.
  • Data: If you have your own area data, you can add that data to the map. Therefore, data can also be an element of a custom world map. So, you can make changes to the world map according to usage needs.


How to Make a Custom World Map for a Classroom Poster?

Classroom learning requires this type of map because a custom world map can be adjusted according to needs. Therefore, teachers can use the custom world map as a poster in class. So, how to custom world map for classroom poster?

  • First, prepare the paper to make the map. Don't forget to prepare drawing tools such as pencils, coloring, markers, and rulers.
  • After that, you can start looking for data to be drawn on the map.
  • Look for various data needed for learning in class.
  • Next, draw a map of the area. Ask the children to give different colors on the map according to the type of area.
  • Then, write information according to the data that has been searched before. Give decorations according to the creativity of the children.
  • Finally, add a frame and hang it on the classroom wall like a poster. Actually, the custom world map can also be placed on the wall without a frame.


Later, these posters can be used to teach children about geography. With this custom world map, it will be easier for children to learn about various countries, continents, and areas on the Earth's surface in an interesting and fun way.


How to Use Google Maps in the Classroom?

Not only using the manual method, but a custom world map can also be made using Google Maps. This method is easier than the method above. Follow these steps to make it.

  • Go to the site.
  • Then, click on the menu at the bottom, “Your Places.”
  • After that, select the Maps menu and click the Create Map option.
  • Now, start to make adjustments to the map. Select the Add Marker feature. This feature is under the search bar at the top of the map.
  • After that, select any area you want to display on the map. These areas can be customized by selecting icon images and colors.
  • You can also create lines and shapes. Just select the add line or shape option.
  • In addition, add photos or videos by clicking on the camera icon in the add line or shape feature.

Printable World Map with Countries
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What are the Benefits of Teaching Children about the World Map?

Custom world maps are able to provide various benefits for children. Children can study the map in geography lessons. By studying the map, children will be able to read the map correctly. It is very useful for future children.

In addition, children also have better memory if they study world maps. They will be able to determine and know the location of various regions worldwide, including countries, oceans, and others. Children will also understand the importance of having the ability to read maps to make it easier for them to find a place.

The world map can also make children know various exciting things. Finally, the world map can help children understand the country's territory.

To help children get those benefits, teachers need to teach custom world maps in a fun way. Use a variety of methods such as writing, videos, and pictures. This will make children not bored to study the map. Therefore, use some of these fun activity ideas to teach world maps to children.

  • Watching Geography Videos or Films: The first way to do this is to watch geography-themed videos in class. While the video is playing, you can explain to students about the map. Use interactive videos that present lots of interesting animations and are easy for children to understand.

  • Using Globe: Globe is one of the best tools to teach kids world maps. Children can play with the globe together in class and understand the different areas on the map.

  • Viewing Maps in Museums: You can also do this method to introduce children to world maps. Choose a museum that displays a world map exhibit. So, children can use various technologies to see the world map.


Not only the three methods above, but you can also use a custom world map practice. If you want it to be easier, you can use custom templates that only need to be downloaded and printed to be used as learning media in class.

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