3 Column Chart Printable Templates

Apr 01, 2021
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3 Column Chart Printable Templates
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Three Column Chart Template
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What is Meant by Progress Monitoring?

Progress monitoring is a system needed by teachers to monitor student learning progress at school. It aims to improve academic performance, measure progress in learning objectives, and provide solutions or responses related to student learning progress.

This monitoring system can be done for one student or all students in the class.

The role of progress monitoring is very important for the teaching and learning process in schools. Progress monitoring must fulfill these important components to achieve the learning objectives.

  • Progress monitoring must-have tools that can provide concrete evidence related to student learning progress.
  • Teachers must analyze and understand students' strengths and weaknesses to determine the best solution for decreasing or increasing student learning progress.
  • Progress monitoring requires good, accurate, and fair assessments for all students.
  • If there are students with disabilities, the teacher must consider this in progress monitoring. It aims to provide a fair assessment to all students.


So far, the measurement of progress monitoring has been carried out in the traditional way. The tools used are curriculum-based measures and computer adaptive tests. However, several schools also apply a matrix to measure the monitoring progress.

How to Do Progress Monitoring on Students?

There are many progress monitoring methods that can be applied in schools. Some of them are Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM), Individualized Education Programs (IEP), Response to Intervention (RTI), Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT), and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports ( PBIS).

These various tools must be adapted to the type of student and learning objectives. However, CBM is the most widely used tool because it can be used for multi-purpose and multi-topics.

In general, there are two main methods for monitoring student progress, direct measurement and indirect measurement. The way to do this is by using essays, homework, quizzes, reports, exams, research, rubrics, and case study analysis. In addition, the teacher can also use verbal communication to assess student's learning progress verbally.

Meanwhile, the method of measurement can be done through weekly evaluations, surveys, and calculating the retention rate of students in class. If grouped, all methods of measuring student learning progress are divided into two types.

  • Formative Assessment: Teachers receive various feedback from students about their performance and learning progress.
  • Summative Assessment: Tests and quizzes are used to measure student learning progress in class. The end result is the student's grade


Can Three-Column Charts Help Teachers to Monitor Students’ Progress?

Yes, three-column charts are a tool that can be used to assess monitoring progress. It is a chart consisting of 3 columns. Actually, the chart is not only used in schools but also in companies. The display of three-column charts in schools and offices is different. However, the goal is the same, which is to compare various data to make it easier to assess progress.

Until now, assessing progress: tracking student growth with three-column charts is widely used by teachers because the method is very easy compared to other monitoring progress tools. The teacher only needs to write down some objectives in the column and do one-by-one assessments for all students in the class. Then, the data obtained from the three-column charts can be concluded more easily.

Making the three-column is also very easy. It can be made manually with a pen and ruler. However, teachers can use software such as Word or Excel to make it easier. If you want it easier, the teacher can also use a three-column chart template. Just download the template and print it.

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What are the Key Aspects of Progress Monitoring?

In general, there are three key aspects of progress monitoring. Well, teachers must understand these 3 key aspects so they can carry out progress monitoring properly. The three key aspects are assess, diagnose, and remediate. Let's discuss these three aspects here.

The first is access. A common way that is widely used in this aspect is EPR or Every Pupil Response. This method requires students to show their answers in detail to the teacher. By using EPR, teachers will obtain information regarding problem identification, improving student learning processes, considering the next level of student learning, assistance for students, and decisions to carry out the learning process again.

EPR can be done using a whiteboard. Then, ask all students to provide their feedback related to the learning methods applied so far. From this, you can find out the responses of students. Make sure that they do not copy other students' answers so the assessment can be accurate.

Well, the second aspect is the diagnosis. It is an aspect that requires teachers to analyze in depth related to the problems experienced by students in their learning process. Do these ways to diagnose student learning progress.

  • First, find the basic facts about student statements. 

  • After that, determine whether the facts conveyed by the student are said one or more times. If a student gives a wrong answer, analyze it first before concluding that the student did not understand your explanation.

    Usually, students give false statements because there is a misunderstanding of communication between students and teachers. By doing these methods, you can find out the pattern of student answers.


The third aspect is remediation. This aspect aims to provide effective solutions to student learning progress. Use three-column charts and do these things.

  • Break some problems into groups.
  • Then, identify the skills needed to solve the problem.
  • In the third column, write down the results.

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