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Updated on Sep 30, 2022
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Printable Multiplication Times Table Chart
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How can you arrange color by multiplication worksheet?

Learning multiplication does not always have to stick with the multiplication chart all the time. You can construct the multiplication worksheet by involving the coloring activity. Color by multiplication worksheet will make the kids enjoy it. Let’s dive right in!

Before jumping to the worksheet make, it is better to set the theme you going to use in the worksheet.

Making the worksheet in line with the upcoming season is also great. It is such a good way to involve multiplication while also introducing the upcoming season symbols to the kids.

For example, you can use the Halloween theme as your multiplication worksheet. Then, you can involve spooky Halloween items such as pumpkins, witchy, skeletons, zombies, and ghosts as the template.

When it comes to the color-by-multiplication worksheet, you have to involve the multiplication for the kids to color its template.

Constructing this worksheet makes you have to prepare the template along with the multiplication questions and color codes.

To do the worksheet, kids have to do the multiplication first to define the color codes. After having the result, they can match it with the color code so they are able to color the template with the appropriate color.

That’s how you can arrange for your kids or students to do color-by-multiplication worksheets. Use various colors to make them more excited.

What multiplication games you can apply in the classroom?

Instead of making multiplication learning only stick with the number, you better go with the games to make kids more engaged.

There are numerous tools you can arrange to be multiplication games. If you need some ideas for the games, just check this out and get inspired!

Using the dice as the multiplication game tool is such a nice idea. To host this game, you need to prepare the materials first.

All you need to gather are the dice and the number chart. Keep in mind that the number chart needs to involve the result of multiplication between two dice. Let’s jump to the gameplay!

In this game, kids have to throw two dice and use the throwing result as the number to multiply.

After they have the result, they need to make the sign in the number chart that refers to the multiplication result. You can instruct them to make the sign with different types of colors.

Using the Lego toys would be fun too. This game also needs the dice as the tools. Basically, kids have to throw them and construct them with the result.

You can prepare the small Lego for your kids to construct. Provide also the blank grid for placing the blocks. In the gameplay, kids throw the dice and do multiplication.

After they gain the result, they have to make Lego tiles construction with the amount of the multiplication result. It is such a fun game that kids allow to learn multiplication while also constructing the Lego.

Those are the games you can involve in your kid’s multiplication learning. Let them engage while also enjoying the games!

Printable Multiplication Times Table Worksheet
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Printable Blank Multiplication Table Worksheet
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Printable Multiplication Worksheets
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Blank Multiplication Times Tables Worksheets
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How do you arrange for kids to create multiplication charts?

If you are about to introduce multiplication, you might come up with a multiplication chart.

Instead of you being the one who constructs the multiplication chart, you can arrange for the kids to create the multiplication by themselves.

Let’s jump below to know the details on how you can arrange for your students to create multiplication charts!

Instruct the kids to bring the materials such as blank paper, ruler, pen, and coloring pencil. For the early learner, you can go with a 100 chart which makes the kids list the multiplication of 1-10.

Start to let them create the grids. If you think it’s too taken time, you can provide the blank grid, so they can just fill it.

Jump to fill the chart, to have the exact result, you better prepare the multiplication chart for the guideline. Let them copy all of the numbers on your multiplication chart.

Always remind them to look at and copy it carefully to avoid mistakes.

To make them easily in identifying the multiplication, instruct them to color the table by defining the result of the multiplication number.

Free them to choose the color as they wish but still instruct the kids to color each line differently.

Besides the multiplication chart that uses the grid, the ones with the multiplication symbol attached can work too. This kind of design is way easier to read rather than the grid style.

Arrange your students to create this by attaching all the multiplication along with the result. You can help them by providing the template to color.

That’s how you can arrange for the kids to construct multiplication charts. Choose the design that you think the kids will be easier to use it.

You can manage to ask them before jumping into the construction process.

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