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Oct 25, 2022
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Printable Monthly Calendar Template
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How do you design a monthly calendar for kids?

The calendar skills need to be shared with your kids at an early age. Learning the calendar could be easy because it sticks to a daily basis. Start with acknowledging them about time and dates, then the day's name, month's name, and how to read the year.

To make it more engaging, you can use the songs that represent all of this so it will be easy to stay in their memory. Involve them in the making and designing of the calendar for them could create effective learning.

Create a monthly calendar design by deciding on the theme first. Their favorite characters would make them more excited about learning. Print the blank calendar template. Prepare the materials for you to design. Use the number stencil, other stencils as the embellishment, ruler, coloring pen, and the real calendar as the guidance.

Start with layering the grids into colorful lines using a ruler and coloring pen. Stick the number stencil into the grid and make sure you list it as the common calendar. Use the real calendar to guide you with the right calendar form.

Let your kids transfer the stencil image using the coloring pen with the color as they wish. Include the day's name with the dot to dot and make your kids connect it. Don’t forget to include the special day and holiday on the calendar.

Making the eye-catching mark would make it clearly seen. Guide your kids in decorating the calendar to be more interesting. After passing all of the steps, place the calendar on your kids’ wall, so it can easily see and allow them to keep memorizing it.

How can I fill out a monthly planner?

Starting organizing your life is a tough choice yet it creates such a good impact on yourself. Having and filling the monthly planner consistently could be a nice start. Scheduling your time allows you to prepare the further activities to do. It’s like making you more ready than only having the plan in your mind which is easily forgotten.

It consists of a box that represents the days in a month. Choose the category of the blank template as your need. Have a design with the boxes and the date along with the monthly planning list you could fill. For the daily boxes, include your plan for the day.

Just writing the main activities you cannot forget would still be great. However, if you are planning to list all of your activities, it kind of makes you struggle to write something that you actually do every day such as having breakfast, taking a bath, and so on. Only write the plan that you not doing this on daily basis such as workout, grocery shopping, and many more. Don’t forget to include the details of your activity.

While for the monthly goal list, fill it with the things you want to achieve in a month. Therefore, the daily activities also need to refer to the goals. For this one, you could provide the details of the reason for achieving the goals.

Writing clear goals make you a sense of keep focusing on it, so you really try your best to achieve your goals. Having a monthly planner way very important if you are willing to be consistent. Having organized life makes you really put on your life for being better every day.

Printable 2015 Monthly Calendars 8 X 11
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What to do with the old unused calendar?

Nowadays, the design of a printed calendar is kind of rare but still many people tend to use it. You might be one of them that more attracted to the design of old calendars instead the digital ones. Having the leftover ones are too precious to just throw in the trash can. Some upcycling projects could be gems.

The vintage design with picture attach would be frame art on your wall. Cut the image only and frame it to hang on the wall. The calendar might also consist of an eye-catching small picture. Turning it to be gift tags would make it more precious. Use the page as the gift wrap to have an aesthetic look for your gift.

Some calendars could have a geographical picture which might be useful for your kid’s project. Save the picture only is fine. While celebrating the commercial holiday, you might think of making a wreath as your door decoration.

Then, folding the pages to create it would work too. Calendar commonly consists of great quality paper, so it won’t make your paper wreath ripped easily. Recycling the calendar to form a new thing is also possible.

However, it’s still depending on the paper quality. The design with a special coating or gloss is unable to recycle. Don't just throw your old calendar. Make it useful with a bunch of things above. The action is precious to keep the environment too.

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