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May 20, 2022
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Santa Countdown Printable Calendar
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What is an advent calendar?

An Advent calendar, which typically has a little object or religious message that is exposed on each day, assists in countdown the days until Christmas. Traditional Advent calendars are square cards or boxes that you may stick to the wall or place on a table.

Every day of Advent is marked with a hermetically sealed door or window that must be opened in that particular order. Relying on the calendar, every window could conceal treats for the holidays, religious rituals or lines from the Bible, tiny objects or presents, as well as other prizes.

The tradition of German Lutherans to make chalk lines on walls or light candles to count down the days until Christmas gave rise to the contemporary Advent calendar in the 1800s. Advent calendars have now gained popularity as a widespread holiday custom.

Presently, you can choose from a wide range of calendars, including those with conventional religious themes as well as Santa Claus and holiday-themed illustrations, editions fashioned like Christmas trees, calendars with sporting events or interest themes, and even calendars with TV series or animated characters.

How come Christmas falls in December?

The majority of Christians gather to celebrate December 25 of the Gregorian calendar, the day that marks the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ. Due to the fact that celebrations most likely started in the second century, the holiday's beginnings and its December date may be traced back to the Greco-Roman era.

The December date could have at least three different antecedents. Jesus was conceived on March 25 (the same day, in his view, that the universe was founded), according to the Roman Christian historian Sextus Julius Africanus, which might lead to a December 25 birth following nine months in the womb of this mother.

On December 25, the Roman Empire, which had not yet embraced Christianity, commemorated the resurrection of the Unconquered Sun (Sol Invictus) in the third century.

Along with marking the lengthening of the days after the winter solstice, this holiday came after the well-known Roman celebration known as Saturnalia where everyone feasted and shared gifts throughout this time.

In addition, Mithra, an Indo-European god of loyalty and illumination, celebrated his birthday on that day. At the time, Roman soldiers were becoming more and more devoted to this god.

On December 25, 336, during the era of the emperor Constantine, the church in Rome officially started celebrating Christmas.

Some have theorized that selecting this date seemed to have the political goal of undermining the old pagan rituals because Constantine had declared Christianity the official religion of the empire.

Christmas did not emerge as a significant Christian feast until the ninth century, as well as the date, was not universally acknowledged in the Eastern Empire, where January 6 had been preferred.

Printable Christmas Countdown Calendar 2014
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Santa Christmas Countdown Calendar Printable
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Printable Christmas Countdown
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For the Christmas countdown, how do you create a DIY blackboard advent calendar?

For this project, small boxes, blackboard paint, and a tree to hang them from are required. Making this is ver easy and affordable. The entire process can be completed for around an hour with the participation of your family.

Things that will be needed:

  • Chalkboard Spray Paint
  •  25 2″ Boxes
  • Chalk
  • Ribbon
  • Small Christmas tree
  • Gifts and small objects like toys, etc




  • Step 1: Outside, spread newspaper on top of the flattened boxes. Spray some chalkboard paint on them, then give them some time to dry completely. Turn them over after they have dried and apply chalkboard paint to the opposite side.

  • Step 2: Close down the boxes and write the numbers 1 through 25 in chalk on the outside.

  • Step 3: Stuff each box with gifts and hang it on the tree.


For the Christmas countdown, how do you make 24 Christmas stockings?

Socks were used to making a very simple, no-sew Advent countdown calendar. To keep track of your family's activities and occasions and to give the children a countdown to Christmas, try this creative idea.

Things you will need:

  • 24 pairs of socks.
  • Red 5/8" Twill Tape Ribbon or Ribbon.
  • Mini Clothespins 24-per Pack, 2-1/2"
  • 24 oval hang tags or wooden disks.
  • Stickers with numbers
  • White Blank Tags, 24.



  1. Handmade foam numbers can be trimmed out with a Cricut machine. Trim out the numbers 1 through 24 and then attached them to little 1-inch wooden disks.

  2. The wood disks are glued to the sock's front with hot glue. Avoid using the wooden disks if you want to rotate the numbers while you count down the days. Replace them with circular hang tags.

  3. Command The Advent countdown is hung on the fireplace mantel using clip hooks. To find out how long the twill ribbon needs to be, hang it where the countdown will be placed. Add a mark, then remove it. Keep from cutting just yet!

  4. Place the twill tape on a surface, such as a counter. Put the socks in whatever arrangement you think looks best. Socks should be twill taped with clothespins.
  5. The list of activities you've selected should be printed. You may either print the activity list on paper instead of using the tags, or you can cut out the activity and attach it to the tags. Each sock should contain one tag.
  6. Over an entryway, mantel, etc., hang the socks and twill tape. Two individuals are helpful for this part. Trim any extra twill tape.

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