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May 31, 2023
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What is Meant by an Itinerary?

The itinerary is detailed travel planning. So, this plan must be drawn up before you go on vacation. You can write and arrange them on your calendar with detailed notes on what to prepare. Some of the things that are in the plan are a list of locations, daily activity schedules, costs, and all travel needs.

By making an itinerary, you will save more budget while on vacation because you have prepared everything. Therefore, you must make the itinerary correctly. Some of the criteria that must be included in the itinerary are as follows.

  • Details are important things that must be done to make a good and correct itinerary. You need to create an itinerary in a rundown. If the itinerary is very detailed, your trip will also be more enjoyable.
  • Make planning so all the needs during your trip can be prepared appropriately.
  • In addition, consider the budget needed. Use proper cost estimates. So, you also need to do research regarding costs for all needs.


How to Make the Right Itinerary?

After understanding the definition of an itinerary, now you need to know the ways to make a good and correct itinerary. By making the right itinerary, you will be able to experience a stress-free trip. So, how to enjoy a stress-free trip by organizing an itinerary? Check out the full explanation below.

  1. Destination and Trip Time

    First, determine the destination and time to do the trip. Start looking for information regarding the locations you want to visit, the culinary offerings there, the facilities available at those locations, and the transportation available around those locations. You also need to find out about the operating hours of those tourist destinations.

  2. Location Selection

    After doing research, you have to choose which location you want to go to. If you are on vacation with your family, discuss it with all family members to determine which tourist destinations to visit.

  3. Determine Accommodation and Transportation

    Transportation and accommodation are also important things that should not be missed when you want to have a pleasant trip. Look for transportation that is comfortable to use. In addition, look for accommodation that is not far from various tourist locations that you want to visit.

  4. Create an Itinerary

    After you have considered all of those things, now is the time to write all of these plans in a rundown which is known as an itinerary. Make a detailed itinerary so it's easy to read. Also, determine the duration of the visit to each location and give extra time for each of these visits.

  5. Create a Backup Plan

    Unwanted things can happen. An example is the tourist location that is under construction and cannot be visited by visitors temporarily. Another example is the transportation you choose has a delayed departure time.

    So, you need to prepare a backup plan. This backup plan will help you to still be able to enjoy your trip.


What are the Benefits of Making an Itinerary?

Why do you have to make an itinerary? Can't you still go on vacation without making plans? Some of these reasons will answer it.

  • By making an itinerary, you will be able to determine the duration of the trip so you can also determine how much budget is needed.
  • The itinerary can also help you determine the destination of the location that must be visited when you have just arrived.
  • With an itinerary, you won't be easily fooled by expensive transportation or accommodation costs.

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6 Tips for Doing a Backpacker-Style Vacation with Family

Many people want a vacation but don't have the money to go on vacation. Therefore, a backpacker-style vacation is the best choice for people who want to have a low-budget vacation. Well, this actually can also be done while on vacation with family. Here we give you 6 easy tips for a backpacker-style vacation with family.

  1. Buy Promo Tickets

    Promo tickets are available at certain moments such as early birds, travel fairs, and special promos from the transportation you want to use.

  2. Look for Accommodation at Low Prices

    Another thing not to be missed is cheap accommodation. It is better for you to stay at a guest house, service apartment, or cheap hotel compared to a luxury hotel. Make sure that the accommodation you choose is a good accommodation for children.

  3. Use Local Transportation

    When you arrive at your destination, use local transportation. If the distance from your accommodation to tourist sites is not too far, you can also walk.

  4. Buy Local Food

    Buy local food that is often eaten by local people because local food is cheaper than foreign food. However, if you don't want to eat the local food in the area, you can come to the fast food restaurant there.

  5. Focus on Traveling, Not Shopping

    You have to prepare a lot of money if you focus on buying souvenirs or shopping while on vacation. Therefore, focus on traveling, not shopping. You also have to teach all family members to do this.

  6. Choose a Cheap Travel Location

    Choose a tourist location with a cheap entry ticket price. There are also free tourist destinations. So, choose places like that to enjoy a vacation with your family.


Before going on vacation, discuss all these things with your family. This discussion can also prevent misunderstandings when traveling with family. You also need to make an itinerary as we explained before. An itinerary can also make you pack your belongings during the vacation so you don't have to buy more items while on vacation.

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