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Oct 25, 2022
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Cute January 2014 Calendar Printable
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How could I DIY a calendar?

Instead of doing nothing on the weekend, use your precious time making a custom calendar. The design scheduling list sounds interesting. Use the scrap carton to create and let’s execute it.

Decide the theme to put on. The cute ones would be interesting with the addition of dried flowers as the embellishment.

Prepare the cardboard, white tape, origami paper, ruler, pencil, and the vintage design of the monthly stamp, and customize it with the month you going to create. Include also the real calendar as guidance.

This kind of material would suit the wall template design but still able for you to write notes on it.

Cut the carton board as large as you wish it to be. If you need a large space for writing the notes, then you need larger cardboard. Measure the size of each box using the ruler and give the sign on it with the pencil.

Layer the pencil scratch with the white tape. If all the boxes are already complete, give the numbers to represent the date on each box. Place them only on the corner sides.

Place your monthly stamp at the top. Add the dried flower as the embellishment. Include cute stickers such as butterfly and bee would suit the flower. Place it on your wall and start to put some daily notes there.

How do I make a monthly budget plan?

Spend your time at work probably being the activity that drains out almost your energy. While the purpose of work is to look for money, it will be a huge waste if you just let out your money go for nothing precious.

Therefore, money management skills are quite crucial. If you just about to start managing your income and outcome, better to use a monthly budget planner to know where’s your money going. Some steps are required to make a monthly budget plan.

While receiving the salary, you must be receiving the details about it and also the total you received. The net income is the only salary without any additional fee from insurance and something.

Only calculate your net income to control yourself from overspending. If you also owned the passive income, make sure you also set the details and average on the fee you commonly own.

Having a monthly budget planner allows you to track your spending while also having the details about it. Categorize the outcome and track whenever your money goes out. List all your regular spending first, so you can define the monthly budget for other needs.

If you love old-style budgeting, use the form which always encourages you to fill it out. The cutest design could be potential. However, apps on smartphones and computers are also available to help you with this.

Listing your short-term and long-term financial goals is a must. Define the things you think should be in long term and short-term. Only writing the goals might seems trifling. Have the details of your goals, so you’ll motivate to achieve them. Break down your needs based on the things you want and the ones you actually need.

Setting the budgeting rules of 50/30/20 might help you to be wise with your money. Adjust your outcome to keep on the budget. Keep reviewing your monthly budget to ensure that you are on the right track.

As a result, by budgeting on a monthly basis, you are able to break down the income and outcome neatly. Budgeting also defines your personality.

Budgeting makes you become a wise person while deciding the things you only want and the actual needs. With the planner, you will know what cost a lot and some unnecessary things you have spent before.

Cute February 2015 Calendar Printable Free
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Cute Printable 2015 Monthly Calendars
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What are the facts about the Gregorian calendar?

You might be unfamiliar with the Gregorian calendar name when it’s actually what the world mostly used nowadays. This has been used since 1582. Besides those facts, the other ones might make you notice the character of the Gregorian calendar.

It includes the solar calendar which is based on the Earth's times revolving around the sun. It takes approximately 365 14 days. The 365 days were categorized into 12 irregular months with some of them taking 30 and 31 days, while only February takes 28 days normal and 29 days in the leap.

The actual purpose of constructing the Gregorian calendar was actually to turn the Easter date. The Julian calendar was complicated and miscalculate so it affects the system.   

First printed Gregorian calendar named The Lunario Novo secondo la nuova riforma was printe in 1582 by Vincenzo Accolti.

It also has a different time of 26 seconds per year within the solar year. The leap year on the Gregorian calendar was credited to ancient Egyptians. They even state about the extra day every four years.

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