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Jan 22, 2014
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How do I create a label template in Word?

We can actually download label templates to make things easier and faster. However, the template sometimes is not easier to be edited or customized. Sadly, when it comes to editing and customizing the label templates, it is like we are required or even "forced" to be an expert in graphic designing and illustrating. So, there is the answer to this problem. Yes, using Microsoft Word app. This kind of app helps us to customize anything easier, including label templates. It is because the interface and the user experience suit the beginner, just like us.

Here are steps to create a label template in word:
1. First thing first, select the Mailing option on the top of the page.
2. There will be the choice of Labels, click the Labels.
3. Then, choose Envelopes and Labels.
4. The app will offer the Options selection, choose it to make a new label template
5. Measure the label that we want to print by filling the size of top and side margins, label width and height, numbers of blank labels across and down, vertical and horizontal pitch
6. After measuring, name the label, then click "OK". We are brought back to Label Options. We need to click "OK" once again.
7. This is also brought us to Envelopes and Labels. In here, we need to choose "New Document".

Where do I find label templates in Word?

Besides creating our own template in Microsoft Word, we are actually also provided label templates by Microsoft Word. However, the label templates use third party, named Avery. Sometimes, it is pretty hard for us to find the "hidden gem" in a form of collections of label templates. However, don't worry. Here are steps to dig the Avery label templates:
1. Go to Mailings, then click the labels, continue with choose options/
2. Choose Avery US Letter by activating the drop-down menu beside Label Vendors. Choose the design of templates that we like. Then, click the number of the product and click OK.
2. If we want to equalize all the information in the labels template, we can type the information inside the address box then choose New Document.
3. If we need various information inside, we can pick New Documents. After that, proceed to submit in the labels.
4. To see the layout of the template, click Layout then View Gridlines.
5. If there is a hassle that the number of the products don't appear, we can download the template on the website of Avery instead.

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How do I download a label template?

Since we cannot access the product number of Avery, we are required to download them instead. To get our own label templates from Avery, here are steps to be followed:
1. Find the blank templates in the Word app.
2. Pick the downloadable label templates from the third party, including Avery.
3. Click "Download this template."
4. Double click the file to open it. Then, we can use the label templates to be customized.

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