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Updated on Apr 01, 2022
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What Are The Symbols of Easter and Their Uniqueness?

Actually, Easter has two main meanings for Christians. There are sadness and happiness. This is because that holy day of Christians around the world is a day to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So, in celebrating Easter, there are several objects or symbols that are often seen. An example is the egg and the bunny which are the most popular symbols of Easter. What are they?

  1. Easter Lilies

    Lilies are one of the symbols of Easter. According to legend, the flower appeared on the ground around Jesus when he died on the cross. The white lilies grew from the sweat of Jesus that fell to the ground.

    For this reason, Christians believe that white lilies are a symbol of new life and purity. In Easter celebrations, the flower is a sign of the resurrection of Jesus and eternal life.

  2. Empty Tomb

    The image of Jesus' empty tomb is also one of the symbols used at Easter. The empty tomb depicts the mystery of Jesus' resurrection.

    This is proof that God really has great power that cannot be exercised by humans. Apart from that, the empty tomb also shows that there is hope and God's promise about life and new birth.

  3. Easter Candle

    The Easter candle must be lit during the Easter Vigil. What's that? It is an event that takes place in the church the night before Easter on Sunday.

    Easter candles are beeswax marked with a cross, year, and the Greek letters Alpha and Omega. Both symbolize the beginning and the end. The candle is used to light other smaller candles.

    The small candles are held by each member of the church congregation. It shows the spreading of light that was done by Jesus.

Teaching Kids The True Meaning of Easter

On Easter, there are stories about deaths that are too gruesome for children. For this reason, parents must provide explanations that are easier to understand and fun for children. So, how do you teach children about the meaning of the Easter holiday?

  1. Use Analogies that Make It Easy for Them

    The best way to illustrate something is to make an analogy to make a person understand it easily. Well, do this method when you want to teach the meaning of Easter to children.

    An example is to say Jesus is a white lily. The flower adorns the church at the beginning of every spring and is a symbol of the man who is free from sin.

    If you tell about the death of Jesus, just tell the children that there was a big purpose behind Jesus' sacrifice. You could say that Jesus died for the sins of mankind, so people could go to heaven.

  2. Making Resurrection Bread

    Easter is also synonymous with bread. Well, if you want to tell about the empty tomb of Jesus, you can make resurrection bread with the children. 

    Cinnamon and sugar are used as additional seasonings. A crescent moon was also added as a decoration for the bread to symbolize the tomb of Jesus.

  3. Read The Children's Bible

    The story of Easter is actually the same as a fairy tale. However, there are tragic and happy parts there. Parents should be able to limit the details of the story of Jesus' death, but the gist of the story must be conveyed.

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These are 6 Easter Traditions in Several Countries in The World

Easter is celebrated by Christians all over the world. No wonder every country has its own traditions of celebrating Easter. What are these unique traditions?

  1. Wearing The Easter Hat

    This tradition is carried out in America. Christians there always wear fancy hats when they celebrate Easter. This is a mandatory accessory that is used during Easter Sunday.

  2. Painting Easter Eggs Red

    Christians in Greece celebrate Easter in the Orthodox Church. There, they did an activity of coloring dark red eggs. The egg is a symbol of rebirth, while the dark red color is a symbol of the blood of Jesus.

  3. Becoming A Vegan

    While Easter is celebrated by eating meat, Christians in Ethiopia celebrate it by eating vegetables and fruit. They became vegan after Easter Sunday or Faskia. The celebration ended with a big party that was held with various foods and dances.

  4. Flying Kites

    In Bermuda, Easter is a great holiday. Therefore, the people held a kite-flying event together. The event is also known as Good Friday KiteFest.

    All the kites were flown in the Horseshoe Bay Beach area. Not only kite shows, but visitors can also enjoy dishes made from a mixture of cod and dessert.

  5. Easter Bunny Hunt

    Not only egg hunting but there is also an Easter bunny hunt. New Zealanders usually do this event at Easter. The celebration was held in Alexandra, a district located in Central Otago.

    The purpose of hunting rabbits is to reduce the rabbit population. The reason is, too many rabbit populations can disrupt the biological balance of the environment. According to The Guardian, in New Zealand rabbits are considered pests.

  6. Reading Crime Novels

    This one tradition sounds quite strange and irrelevant to Easter, but Norwegians always do it at Easter. According to Visit Norway, Christians in Norway spend the Easter holidays reading crime novels.

    The tradition dates back to 1923 when a book publisher promoted a new crime novel to the front page of a newspaper. People don't think it's an advertisement because of the news-like way it's delivered, so it gets a lot of attention.

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