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Updated on Dec 21, 2022
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Printable Magic Reindeer Food Labels
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How does Santa’s reindeer get the power to fly?

Kids might have a lot of questions about Santa Claus and reindeer during the holiday season. Of course, as a Santa for your kids, you have to come up with an answer that can satisfy them. if your kids ask about the power that reindeer get for flying, then here’s the answer.

In real life, they cannot even fly. However, Santa’s reindeer are special ones that have superpowers with them. It also took time for him to choose one that seems talented since they were babies and then teach them to fly.

To make them able to fly across the sky, Santa and elves create the magical dust named Magical Reindeer Food which is glittery and wonderful in gold. This dust makes them strongly flies even have to face horrible cold weather.

Before flying, they have two briefs they should meet. The first one is the lifting spirit and the second one is their passion to bring happiness to kids. This is what makes them keep up the hard work to deliver the present.

What sweets recipes to turn into reindeer?

During the holiday season, you might think to turn the dessert into reindeer looks. Not only one but also many kinds of options you can come up with. Seek the ideas below and choose what fits you!

Decorate your cheesecake into a reindeer face in every slice. All you need to prepare for the toppers are chocolate pretzels for the antler’s details, red M&Ms for the nose, and edible eyes.

Do the same with your cupcakes. Just layered the toppers in all creamy chocolate along with pairs of pretzels as the antlers. Edible eyes with brown cookies and chocolate for the nose.

Rudolph marshmallow would be awesome too. Stick the three marshmallows on each wooden skewer and dip them in the chocolate liquid. Draw the details with light brownie cream, red blood for the nose, and white chocolate for the eye details.

Bake Rudolph bread would be fascinating for the kids. choose the fillers that your kids would love. Give some fillers options such as matcha, chocolate, berries, and more. Serve on the wooden slices plate will make it stand out.

Make cake pops definitely should be on your list. Just shape your cake into a circular and dip it in the chocolate liquid. Add the face ornaments with M&M’s and pretzels.

Reindeer Food Poem Printable
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Magic Reindeer Food Printable
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Reindeer Food Poem Printable Tags
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Printable Magic Reindeer Food Labels
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Printable Reindeer Food Label
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How do you throw a Christmas party for kids?

This holiday season might be your opportunity to host the Christmas party for your kids. Of course, there are a lot of things to prepare. Let’s break them down one by one!

  1. Party theme


Even though you might generalize it as a Christmas party, still you have to be more specific. It will lead you to define everything such as the invitation design, banner, background, and more. Come up with the party’s name would be better.


  1. Invitation


Design your invitation with the theme you decided on. Includes all the invitation content and makes sure no one is left. You can throw some kids' jokes about the holiday season for cracking them up. Send it long before the party comes.


  1. Decoration


Set up your decoration as the theme and make it festive with the standing figure. Have some decorations such as Santa and reindeer banners. Throw a photo booth with the riding scene and let the kids try this on.


  1. Food


Kids indeed love sweets, but you can still adjust and request to order with lower sugar content. Use the Christmas symbol looks while making it the cutest ones. It definitely would attract kids' attention and the fun will be in the air!

How can reindeer adapt to extreme cold?

Reindeer are known as mammals that can survive in extremely cold weather. It’s because their body features to support them to fight snowy places. You might figure out the reason why they can survive in that kind of situation.

  • Reindeer antlers help them to scrap the snow away to get food. It is also used as self-protection while competing with predators as well as with males.
  • This mammal is the only species that can see ultraviolet. This ability makes them a sight that humans can’t do. Their eyes also help them to be more aware of the enemy.
  • The nose also takes part in heating the body. Once they breathe, it will warmly deliver to the lungs and exhaled in cooled.
  • The coat that is quite thick and dense makes it warm out well on the body. The outer hair also has hollows which also provide insulation.
  • Tendons play part in the social hierarchy which helps each other to stay together in walks during the lowest visibility.
  • Feet used to dig the food on the snow and also hold their body weight.

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